06 January 2011

Go ahead, you know you want to be on Design Star

If you're a man and like to take off your shirt on TV.

If you're a woman who likes to take "artistic" mug shots.

If your qualification to be a designer consists of having once moved your mother's sofa.

If the idea of turning out offenses like this is your idea of a good time.

If having three, angry HGTV-lebrities tearing down your very existence is your idea of fun.

If you can cry on cue and are willing to have every embarrassing moment filmed over a four week period slapped on national (and international) TV.

If after all that and against all common sense, you win because you look "interesting," are you willing to star in a bad HGTV show of your very own? One shown during off, off, off hours and so poorly produced that you'll never be able to work in TV again?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions than you are qualified to apply to be on HGTV's next season of Design Star. Godspeed.


  1. Jenny of My Favorite and My Best is trying out.

    She will make it and turn that show on its ear.


  2. Raina - I saw the same thing. That would be AWESOME.

  3. Gah! I can't unsee that kitchen.. now I'm going to have nightmares..

  4. Sharon: I try. Lord knows I try.

    Raina: I saw that on Twitter the other day. It's the only hope to salvage that show. I want to see Jenny duke it out with Vern. Now that's TV worth watching.

    Ericka: Wouldn't that be the best?

    Nim: Sorry, blame HGTV.

  5. Hahahah! David Bromstad does have a thing for taking off his shirt, doesn't he? That's the only season of Design Star I've seen, I have no idea who the other winners are.

  6. You're not missing much. Although Canada has been criminally underrepresented and you're the perfect candidate to turn that around Kelly.

  7. No dissin on my Antonio!!! DS is my design junk food, OK?

  8. No offense intended, he was the only previous winner I could think of with a languishing show. Other than David Bromsted and Antonio, have any of the previous contestants ever gone on to anything at HGTV?

  9. Oh, snap! (PS I still don't know how the "island" from the kitchen makeover managed to stay upright!)

  10. I had the same thought about that island. One bump and it's broken toes for everybody! Can you imagine having a 200 lb. slab of granite crashing into the color like that? Madness.

  11. Watching DS has elevated my appreciation for not-so-fine wine. Never have I been so mortified by every aspect of a show --from the contestants to the judges as well as the competition scenarios to the "designing". UHG! You nailed it Paul! I followed David B on Twitter (twice actually) but his comments were so offensive I unfollowed. That Antonio actually won a season is an oxymoron... actually he's just a moron. I can see why he's garnered the 2am time slot.

    All that said, I have a Twitter friend (@LynniMegginson) who's actually trying out for the show. She wants it really bad --kind of like a virgin excited to be selected to appease the gods. Though she claims to know what she's getting into. I dunno- sounds like a train wreck to me. I feel a wee bit guilty for wishing her "luck."

  12. The only thing this process going for it is Jenny form My Favorite and My Best. Please, please, please HGTV producers, pick her!

  13. Catching up.... Hehehe! I hadc12 people email me the day it came out. Mostly because of the lack of any kitchen design expertise exhibited on the show! Of course I like to take my humiliation in less public doses! But I do know Vern would not get the best of me! And there is always the fact that they don't pick the experience (READ: OLD ) over the cute:)


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