09 January 2011

Let's welcome Moss to the social web

One of the coolest stores in all of Soho and by extension, all of New York is Moss. Now that I think about it, a store that's the coolest in New York is automatically the coolest in the world, right?

Moss sells home stuff, some of the most amazing home stuff I've ever seen. Their inventory spans price points and sensibilities and it's all connected with a truly wicked sense of humor.

They're new to Facebook and Twitter (follow @Moss_online) as of this morning, so like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and you'll see what I mean by wicked sense of humor.

During my Manhattan meanderings last month, stopping in at 150 Greene Street (that's on door down from West Houston) was the usual adventure. I have a thing for the "Clay" furniture series from Maarten Bass and they have a table and some chairs in the store.

I love peeking behind the curtain and Bass's Clay tables, chairs and end tables are an homage to the modeling clay roots of all furniture. I think they're a riot because that rough step in the design process is never meant to be seen.

Most of the store's inventory is available on their website, but as is always the case, nothing compares to seeing the real place.

If you find yourself walking up Greene Street, be sure to pop in.


  1. It looks like a great store to shop for the 'person who has everything'. Unique items.

  2. Is the skull dating the 1800's lady? They could balance each other out. You know @ModernSauce is going to have fun with this posting, right?

  3. moss has always been one of my must-stops in new york- i had heard they closed, so glad to know they are still in business!

  4. Charlotte: Thanks for the comment and you said it, stop in there the next time you're in New York.

    Alexandra: Completely unrelated and that place has @ModernSauce's name written all ove rit.

    Christian: I think they closed their LA location but the one in Soho is still going strong.

  5. Oh can I relate! That mass of writing bodies up there is a light fixture by Luc Merx called "Fall of the Damned." and it is just what it looks like, a mass of writing bodies. It's an homage to Renaissance depictions of the last judgement and I think it's about the coolest thing I've ever seen. Just knowing that it exists makes me do the happy dance but to see it in person sent me into convulsions. Rarely can a retail establishment make me have fits, but Moss never fails to.

  6. Madame Sunday, you craaaaaack me up (said with the most lavish southern drawl I can muster given I've been gone from Chattavegas for 12 years)! I love his smoke series, too. Saw it/him in 2009 at Design Miami/. I'm glad he was the one who inspired you rather than, um, Dame Edna. Can you imagine?

    Paul: have you seen it in person? It makes me eerily giddy!

  7. Saxon - who says I'm NOT inspired by Dame Edna? ;)

    Y'all come back now, ya hear!

  8. I'm just saying she came along during your more mature months into the process not at the full flush of youth or we'd all be in trouble!!!!!!!!!

    Hmmmm....now here's a thought: Dame Edna on faahrrrr!!!!!!


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