20 July 2010

Summer reruns for the rest of the week

Sorry kids, but I have a couple of days ahead of me that will test my character to say the least. But once that's over I'm out of here until next Monday. So between now and next Sunday, I'll be running some re-runs from deep in my archives. Back when I was first starting out as a blogger I was every bit as prolific as I am now, the only difference then was that no one read me. That's just as well. When I look back most of that reads as the meanderings of someone trying to find his voice. Oh well, I'll pick interesting ones. I promise.

I turned on comment moderation for the time being too. I'm not going to be able to intercept the lunatics and spammers they way I do ordinarily. I'll turn it off again when I get back.

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  1. Oh, if I'd read this post I'd have the answer to my question.


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