15 July 2010

Get the ax murderer look for less

So last week I found this shower fixture from Bagno Sasso. Hilarity ensued. Here's the link to the story. We'll wait while you go read it because today's post will lean on it heavily.

OK, everybody back? Excellent, let's proceed.

Now, I spend a lot of time with my clients talking about how to recreate what they really want for a budget they can really afford. There's an art to finding a good knock off and a lot of times it can be useful to take a step back and think about what it is about the spendy original that's so appealing. A lot of times, it's not so much the object, it's the feeling it invokes. I find that selecting the right knock off is a matter of tuning into that feeling.

So if you have your heart set on that many thousand dollar man in the shower from Bagno Sasso, there's a $28 shower curtain from Urban Outfitters that brings up some of the feeling invoked by that original. Here it is.

Many thanks to the terrific Raina Cox, whose If The Lampshade Fits is a daily read. Make it one of yours too.


  1. Yet another found object I could use to scar my child for life. How funny would it be to put that in a guest bathroom and act like it is completely normal knowing your guests would be thinking you were off your rocker. Ha!

  2. O my. I'd be scared to pee in that bathroom. (could you go if you someone was watching from the tub?) In fact, after seeing this post, I will now brace myself every time I go into my friends' loos if I know they are an Urban Outfitters shopper. I think you've just made it nearly impossible for me to use other people's bathrooms without a certain amount of trepidation from here on out. Thank you for that.

  3. Well I guess comments have been fixed. They've been misbehaving all day. Anyone notice that?

    Cham: It is my pleasure and duty to disturb you. Hah!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Paul!

  5. You deserve all praise my dear.

  6. Paul for heaven sakes what is wrong with you? Don't you know that these are ideal gifts 'for the person who has everything'. :)

  7. Paul I just about fell off my couch laughing when I saw the image of the shower curtain! You find the best stuff!

  8. I think I'd like it better with a machete worked into the design.


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