31 July 2010

I still love you Sherwin-Williams

Despite the mixed reception this latest round of color forecasts received, Sherwin-Williams remains my go-to paint brand when it comes to specifying room colors. Their paints are of exceptional quality and the specifying tools they provide me make finding the colors I need a snap. They have been on a real roll on the advertising front lately too. Check out their new TV spot, Bees.

It's the follow up to this gem, Paint Chips Animated.

And just to get a feel for their roots, here's a great one from 1966.

I like the new spot, Bees, even more than I did the original paint chips spot. I think it's the song that makes this one so enjoyable. Anybody know anything about who wrote it and who's performing it?

If you missed this past week's Sherwin-Williams color forecast roundup, I encourage you to go back and give them a look-see. Feel free to weigh in in the comments that follow. And remember, despite how that went, I still love you Sherwin-Williams.


  1. The song is a score created exclusively for the ad, according to Sherwin Williams. (Lots of youtube users have been asking, and Sherwin Williams replied in the comment section of the video)

    I adored the fourth color set from Sherwin Williams, with the third pallet coming in as a strong second. Too bad the Hubs and I can never agree on paint chips!

  2. Oh Paul I love Sherwin Williams. --Bees are my thing too, so I guess it's a win win. I have to say I love all the colors too. Some I don't quite know where I would use them but if I thought long enough I could figure it out.
    happy weekend

  3. Love the song, bees 'n flowers! Very creative and captivating. Now we are talking Dior. :)

    Reading your previous comment to me and your post today, we are definitely on the same page. I also totally agree that their excellence in quality cannot be disputed.

    P.S: Were you not invited to THE WEDDING?

  4. Cham: Thanks for the clarification.

    Laura: I have a bee thing too.

    Brenda: THE WEDDING? As in Chelsea Clinton's wedding? I declined my invitation. I'm not convinced that they could guarantee my safety.


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