15 October 2021

Why You Need a Mold Removal Professional

What if we told you that from the twenty-one million reported asthma cases in the United States, 4.6 million are said to be associated with mold and dampness? Furthermore, a whopping 90 percent of chronic sinus cases are associated with mold. 

Moving from the health issues that mold exposure causes, these little guys can wreak devastating damages to the buildings they grow in. Visit Superior Home Restoration and learn more about molds and the damages they can cause. They spread super-fast and can become colonies before you even have the chance to get rid of them. 

Removing molds from your home could be a real problem. You may be contemplating DIY, believe us when we say this is not a good idea in any way. There are so many risks involved, you could inhale it, unsettle the spores, and cause more trouble since they would spread more, and so on. 

Therefore, when you have a mold issue in your home, the ideal thing to do would be to get a professional for the job. In this article, we will be discussing the reasons you need a mold removal professional rather than doing the removal by yourself. 

1. It Is Not an Easy Job

You must have considered doing the job yourself a couple of times. Therefore, you may have even gone through the stress of checking Google for tricks and tips that will help you get rid of your trouble. 

While some of these remedies you may have learned can do the trick, you have to believe us when we say getting rid of these guys isn’t an easy task at all. You can try; after all, you simply need cleaning products, protective gloves, and determination, right? Well, we hate to break it to you but after you think you have handled the problem, the molds may simply grow back or move to a new location. 

This is because the growth you think you handled was in visible areas whereas they are still growing in hidden corners. Therefore, it will only take some time before they come back to the areas you can see them. 

But with an expert, proper remediation will be done. They often have equipment that lets them detect where molds are growing, therefore, they will be able to take care of every growth in the home. 

2. You Will Save Your Money and Time

When you try to tackle this problem by yourself, you risk making the mold spread even faster. With further spread, you will eventually have to call in a professional. At which point, you must have already spent a lot of time tackling the issue yourself and money on special cleaning products. 

You will be surprised at the places these guys can grow in your home then read this article to learn some of these hiding spots of molds in the home. So, instead of going about this whole thing blindly and risk further spread and reoccurrence; get a pro that will do the removal once and for all. 

3. A Professional Has the Proper Knowledge 

This is perhaps the most important reason you need a professional to handle the issue. While all you know about tackling this serious issue are tips you got off the internet, a professional has gone through proper training to handle the situation. 

Chances are you may not even know that molds are of different types. You would be going about the whole process blindly, whereas a pro would know what exactly has to be done. 

They can also determine how much damage has been done, and regardless of how severe the issue is, they will look for ways to handle it. The efficacy with which an expert will remove the molds is something you cannot achieve unless you have been trained to. 

4. Potential Spread Will Be Controlled and Reduced

During the removal process, the spores may spread throughout the house. Now, if the process is not done properly, the spores may settle in other places in the home and begin to grow there. This is a major reason DIY for mold removal is not recommended at all as it could cause an even bigger problem. 

If you mistakenly get the spores in your HVAC system, the spread will be very rampant as the AC moisture would create a perfect breeding environment for the spores. 

So, you want to leave the job to a pro that is better equipped with expertise and the necessary tools to mitigate the spread as well as eliminate the spores. 

5. You Will Save Yourself Future Problems

We hope we don’t sound like a broken record at this point when we say molds are very hard to remove from a home. They’ll grow back yet again so long as spores are left behind, they are quite relentless. This is made especially true when your home has areas that are prone to moisture. 

If you tackle a mold problem by yourself, chances are you would do this repeatedly. You would not just cause further spread, but you would cause further damage to your home. Therefore, the wise thing to do would be to get an expert that will ensure reoccurrence is prevented in the long run. 

6. You Will Not Put Your Health at Risk

At the beginning of this read, we spoke about how mold exposure can cause certain health issues. You can visit https://realtimelab.com/mold-statistics/ to see the statistics of health issues associated with mold exposure. 

When you want to take care of this problem yourself, we bet you would know to take precautions. You would know to put on protective clothes and so on. But, despite all these, you may end up being too exposed to these little guys and this can put your health at risk. 

Rather than doing this, why don’t you hire someone trained for the process to properly take care of the situation? 


You may think you have all it takes to get rid of your little mold issue by yourself. However, this may not be the case. In this article, we have discussed some major reasons why a professional is a better person for the job and not you. 

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