19 October 2021

How to Prepare You House Against Winter Pests

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Winter is just around the corner, and depending on which state or region you are currently residing in, the weather is definitely getting colder. And, soon before you know, your house, front porch, or the garden at the back might be invaded with pests, and you will have to call in the home pest control services. 

It means that as you will be unpacking your winter clothes and stacking up the wardrobe, you should start preparing your house against the infestation of winter pests. If you have a garden, you can expect mice as the first arrivals, seeking protection against the cold and searching for food along the way.

Nonetheless, you should also be concerned about cockroaches, spiders, bugs, and raccoons, who are in equal need of shelter. While you can immensely benefit from calling in the best home pest control services and protecting your home from winter pests, you can also integrate the following methods and tips to keep your house pest-free all winter.

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Declutter Your House

This is a no-brainer: we all know what attracts mice, cockroaches, and bugs the most! It is the clutter and the trash cans that need to be emptied. Don’t leave any leftover food on your kitchen counters. Each night, before you go to sleep, you ought to clean everything and stock things properly. By removing the clutter inside your house, you will take away the privilege of the pests to find a nesting place. Remember, the decluttering of your house includes the inside and outside of the house, including your garage and garden. 

Assess Your Home Thoroughly

Before you do anything, do a tiny yet intensive research on the exterior and interior of your home. Understandably, the winter pest will move in from the outside, which is why the exterior of your home needs to be thoroughly inspected for potential cracks, holes, and gasps that might serve as a threshold for the pest to enter your cozy home. 

If you find cracked walls, windows, doors, or holes and gaps at any other area of the house, you can indulge in DIY home projects and use a sealant to cover and seal those cracked surfaces. This way, you will prevent all kinds of winter pests from getting inside your house and ruining your peace of mind. 

Over time, it is normal for the foundation of homes to develop cracks, gaps, and holes, including in the area where the pipes are. A thorough inspection of your home exterior can help you detect the areas which can serve as an entrance for potential winter pests. 

Get Rid of Moisture

Did you know that winter pests aren't necessarily in search of warmth during the cold season? Often, it is also the moisture they seek, just like us humans. That said, don’t neglect pools of water. They might not harbor mosquitoes, like in the summers, but the moisture can definitely attract winter pests, giving them life and sustenance. 

We recommend using heat tape integrated with plumbing to prevent the entrance of moisture inside your home during the winter. Also, the heat tape will prevent your pipes from freezing, saving you more annoyance in the long run. 

Final Thoughts

While the above-given methods are a sure way to prevent pests from entering your house, you don’t necessarily have to wait to “see” pests before you call the best home pest control services. A team of professionals doesn’t only help you get rid of pest invasion, but they also know how to seal and safeguard the house from pest invasion altogether. You can also rely on a pest control service for a thorough house inspection, especially if you have a tight schedule and cannot do the inspection yourself. 

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