19 October 2021

Is Window Replacement Worth it in Texas

Window replacement is one of the most significant improvements Texas homeowners can make. Thus, the question "is it a good investment?" Well, there isn't any exact answer when it comes to this, as we will have to consider different variables and their roles in home windows, which include:

  • The present condition of the window frames
  • Local temperature
  • The density of current windows
  • Homeowners choice of window

Also, these factors contribute to the cost of replacement and the anticipated energy savings. New windows that are less performing and allow condensation on the window's glass may benefit from simple DIY repairs. Plano Home Window Replacement (planohomewindowreplacement.com), a leading provider of window installation and replacement in Plano, TX, typically recommends bolting the frame all around which solves draft problems and increases energy efficiency. Insulated window glass restores the original double-pane properties, too. 

How Much Can Window Replacements Save?

Even after considering these variables a lot of time, a window replacement will result in greater energy efficiency — usually accurate when you substitute standard single-pane windows with Energy Star certified double-pane models. The United States Department of Energy states that the average amount homeowners can save with new windows differs by locality. However, in some parts of the country with relatively low temperatures, the annual energy savings can amount to $400.

Landlords in cold regions like Southern California also tend to enjoy savings, unlike homeowners in environments that require consistent air conditioning like Florida and Texas. Any home that installed single-pane windows is suitable for a window replacement project.

How Much Does a Window Replacement Cost?

Unfortunately, there aren't any exact figures for this, as it may vary by different windows installers.

Also, a complete building window replacement project is dependent on how many windows were installed in the home, but prices per window are roughly the same for any size project. Double-pane average standard-size, such as the double-hung vinyl window prices, range from $450 to $600. The estimation includes the window and installation. If you are a wood frame window fan, they are more expensive compared to glass windows. A single installed wood frame window price ranges from $800 to $1000; moreover, if it's the entire frame you want to replace, whether vinyl or wood models, it costs an extra $50 to $100 for each window.

The United States Department of Energy estimates that, for a home in a spring, summer, fall, and winter climate, the energy savings will incur an approximate cost of one window per year for vinyl and one window for two annuals for wood windows. With these estimates, The project will pay for itself, at last, considering this calculation, but it may take you 10 to 12 years or more for a home that has more windows.

What About Equity?

According to Remodeling Magazine, homeowners who replace their windows will get back almost 82% of the total expense incurred when they sell the home. The estimation of the percentage is based on standard and energy-efficient windows. Investing in customized windows is not often worth the extra expense because it has a shallow effect on the overall equity despite the excellent price tag. 

The Alternatives to Whole-House Window Replacement

In this case, it depends on what you want — your aim or goal. If your objective isn't based on long-term purpose, applying for transparent window insulation film is your best option. This transparent window insulation film is like a thick plastic that stretches over to the window and grabs the frame. It's not as expensive. It gives an extra layer of protection regarding the temperature from the outside, but you can still open the windows without the need to remove the film. Hence, this is a good option during wintertime but not suitable for keeping cool air inside in the summer.

If your home is older, the windows can be an essential part of the architectural process, and more modern substitutes would ruin the home's traditional appearance. There are alternative options that help hold the aesthetic appeal of the property including custom-made window replacements.

Crucial Things To Note

It's suggested now that you should choose alternatives of wood because wood frames get worn out sooner and are more expensive to replace. Experts from Money recommend going for vinyl windows. If you like wood frames, explore the styles with aluminum cladding. By doing so, you can help prevent future maintenance expenses and any premature repairs will reduce the profits generated by energy savings and equity. 

Try to consider repairing your current windows before obliging to a whole-house window substitute. 

According to Money, you'll spend about $100 to $350 per window on the renovation. In that case, even at the high side of this price tag, your total amount spent will still be half of what it costs for a complete replacement. If you notice your windows do not need to be replaced, it saves you money by asking your contractor to keep the existing trim. 

If you want your contractor to put a window insert inside the frame and fasten it into place, it'll also save you some cash — between $150 and $300 on labor costs per window. However, this cost is not guaranteed if your window frame or trim needs to be replaced.

Financing Your Window Project

Sure, as a Homeowner, there are always various options to choose from when financing your home windows. Contractors will often offer customers special financing, the most convenient option just like a one-stop-store option. However, these interest rates are less and not always suitable.

PACE financing is another option(property assessed clean energy financing). The program was established to take advantage of the energy saved with efficiency upgrades — installing Energy Star certified windows. Homeowners who meet PACE requirements can use this as an opportunity to finance their whole-house window replacement project and pay it back bit by bit over a convenient period on their annual property taxes. Any energy savings received from the new windows will cover the project's cost over the long term.

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