26 March 2021

Easy Ways to Relieve the Burden on Your Air Conditioner

Keeping your home comfortably cool throughout the sweltering summer months can be a pricey proposition. The hotter your locale, the higher your cooling costs. Needless to say, if you live in an area that’s known for exceptionally hot summers, you can expect to spend a small fortune every month. While air conditioners are essential in many parts of the country, there are a number of ways you can relieve the burden on your home’s AC (and your personal finances) all summer long. Budget-conscious households on the hunt for cost-effective home cooling solutions should put the following pointers into practice.


Invest in Reliable Ceiling Fans 

In addition to being able to complement the efforts of your central AC, ceiling fans can serve as dependable cooling aids in their own right. For starters, strategically placed ceiling fans are able to adeptly circulate the air from your central cooling unit throughout your entire home. Additionally, when their blades have been adjusted to rotate counterclockwise, ceiling fans can produce a cool breeze, which can prove particularly refreshing during the summer months. 

If you’re currently in the market for a new ceiling fan, limit your options to ones that feature adjustable blades, an assortment of rotating speeds and remote control. Going with the cheapest option may seem like a good idea in the short term, but subpar cooling is liable to make you wish you had spent a little more in the long run. 

Take Advantage of Nighttime Cooldowns  

If you live in an area where temperatures drop dramatically during the nighttime hours, you can use this to your advantage. Once the sun goes down, shut off your AC, open your windows and allow your ceiling fans to circulate the naturally cool throughout your home. Not only will this help limit air conditioner use and save you money, it can effectively reduce your household’s carbon footprint. As you’ll find, taking advantage of nighttime cooldowns can cool your home every bit as quickly and conveniently as any air conditioner.    

Place Limits on Oven Use 

Using your oven during the summer months stands to increase the temperature in your home, thereby forcing your AC to work even harder. To nip this problem in the bud, make a point of limiting oven usage during the daytime hours. For best results, avoiding oven use entirely until the sun goes down. If you enjoy baking, this is liable to prove somewhat inconvenient, but on the plus side, it serves as the perfect excuse to fire up your outdoor grill more often.  

Properly Maintain Your AC 

Proper maintenance is among the most effective ways to relieve your central cooling unit’s burden. In order to operate effectively and efficiently, most air conditioners need to be serviced at least once a year – possibly more so if you live in an area that receives hot weather year-round. The less maintenance your central cooling unit receives, the more likely its various components are to wear down, causing the device to expend more energy. A seasoned heating and cooling pro will thoroughly inspect your unit and promptly identify and repair any issues (or prospective issues) they come across. This may entail swapping out worn-down components, thoroughly cleaning the device, making crucial adjustments or any combination thereof. 

Install Energy-Efficient Windows 

Per their name, energy-efficient windows can help you cool your home while conserving power. A fair amount of air escapes through our windows (regardless of whether they happen to be opened), and this can prove particularly costly during the summer months. The more air that escapes, the harder your AC has to work to maintain a consistent temperature. To help prevent cooled air from exiting your home, upgrade to energy-efficient multi-paned windows. Although they cost a little more than standard single-paned windows, they essentially pay for themselves in the form of reduced heating and cooling bills. 

Throughout the balmy summer months, many households routinely put their air conditioning through its pace. While functional AC is a modern-day necessity in many parts of the country, cranking your air conditioner or central cooling units around the clock is guaranteed to place a strain on your finances. Although getting through the summer without ever firing up the AC is an unrealistic goal, you can take steps to lighten your reliance on air conditioning. So, if a consistently cool home and an intact bank account are what you seek, you’d do well to consider the measures discussed above. 

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