16 March 2021

3 Environmentally Friendly Ways to Dispose of Garbage

No matter how conscious you are with what you purchase, you will inevitably have garbage at the end that needs to be disposed of. When getting rid of waste, there are eco-friendly practices you can adopt that will help support a healthier world to live in and reduce your carbon footprint. Small but simple measures can make the world of difference, so here are some environmentally friendly ways to dispose of garbage. 


The most common and eco-friendly way to get rid of garbage is by recycling. There are tons of benefits you can gain from recycling waste, such as conserving natural resources, saving energy, and reducing how much waste is incinerated or sent to landfills. Before you start recycling, you must purchase the correct containers and put different types of waste into them.

Whether it’s glass, paper, plastic, or metal, the last thing you want is to mix garbage up as this could cause problems. Also, while 75% of waste can be recycled, many homeowners don’t have any clue what types of materials can be recycled. If you’re completing a home improvement project and are using a roll off dumpster, knowing the dos and do nots will mean you know what items can go into it.


For those who love to cook, you will inevitably have some food waste at the end. Instead of all your excess food going in the trash can, why not consider composting it? Composting transforms your food waste into fuel that can be used for the plants in your backyard. Even if you don’t have tons of outdoor space or live in an apartment block, you can donate your compost to a local garden.

If you’re worried about composting being expensive, think again. All you will need is a compost bin to get started which can house all kinds of foods, including fruit waste, vegetable peelings, and grass cuttings. All of these are quick to break down and will provide soil rich in vital nitrogen and moisture. Composting adds nutrients to your soil, reduces landfill waste, recycles kitchen waste, and is fantastic for the environment. 


When you go grocery shopping, how many times do you bring along a reusable bag? If the answer is not many, now is the time to get into the habit of reusing. Plastic consumption is at an all-time high, and if you’re the type of shopper who purchases plastic bag after plastic bag, you may not be aware of the damage this can have for the environment. Plastic takes roughly 450 years to decompose, so instead of sending it all to a landfill, purchasing a cloth bag and using it frequently is a great idea. Reusing bags will also save you a great deal of money in the long run.

If you’re a homeowner who is looking at ways to be more environmentally friendly, using any of the practices above to discard your garbage can make a real difference to the world. It’s easy to be more eco-friendly, so whether you recycle, compost your waste, or reuse different items, getting into the green habits is key for helping future generations and saving the planet. 

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