19 June 2020

Ways to Bring Luxurious Travel to Your Home

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It is hard for most people to deny a luxurious vacation, whether it is to a beach in Aruba or a ski lodge in Switzerland. However, living in 2020, it is hard to know if these luxurious vacations will be able to be achieved with the infamous COVID-19 virus and travel restrictions guarding everyone away from the vacation of their dreams.

Even if travel restrictions get lifted in time to go on vacation, a luxurious vacation is not always the easiest thing to afford. If you are unable to go on a luxurious vacation but still want to experience one, the following are plenty of ways you bring a luxurious vacation right to your home.

Get a Bed That Fits the Part

One of the best parts of going on a luxurious vacation is the feeling of sleeping in the beds that feel like a cloud. If you do not want to miss out on this part of a luxurious vacation, get a mattress that provides the best support for you to be able to sleep like a baby. You will want to be able to sleep long hours and wake up feeling refreshed, so do not be afraid to invest a little in this part.

Once you have your dream bed, if you really want the full hotel resort experience, get white silk sheets to put on your bed. You can even go the extra mile and order white silk robes to wear, just like the one's hotels provide for you. If your room fits the luxurious travel feeling, it will make your staycation experience infinitely better.

Plan Out Fancy Meals

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Another major perk of going on vacation, whether the vacation is fancy or not, is the ability to try new food in new places. If you are a foodie and thrive on traveling for food, do not fear, because you can quickly bring new food right to your home. If you find yourself talented in the kitchen, plan out new recipes to try ahead of time and stock up on ingredients before you start your staycation.

A trip to your local grocery store is not always the most luxurious experience, so try to get everything you need before in order to avoid ruining the feeling of your fancy staycation. If you are not as food-savvy, you can utilize websites that send you every ingredient you need in recipes you handpick, or you can try new restaurants in your town that you have never gone to.

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Let People Help You Out

Going on vacations in resorts is a stress-free area, and not having to clean your own room probably helps relieve that stress. If you are too worried about vacuuming every day and cleaning every surface three times a week, you might have a harder time relaxing on your staycation. Before the week starts, you can personally deep clean the house or hire a local housekeeping service to clean your home while you finish things up at work.

Having someone else do it for you often relieves a lot of stress, and you will most likely be able to go longer without going crazy about cleaning if you know your house was just professionally cleaned. You can also hire a landscaping company to professionally cut your grass and get rid of weeds outside to make you feel happy about how your home looks while you are trying to get the most out of your staycation.

Explore Your Town

Adding on to the list of vacation perks is the ability to explore a new town. If you are staying at home, you might be sad that you will not be able to roam a new city; however, you might be surprised at what you can find in your own hometown. Walk around as you have never seen the streets in your life, and take a chance on those stores you have never stepped into. This part is all about your attitude, and if you want to reach your adventurous side, let yourself explore new parts of town.

You can also go to a new park, go on a hike on a new trail, or ask friends and family what their favorite thing to do is. There are always plenty of new things and activities to try; you might just need a little luxurious staycation to find these things.

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Forget About Work and School

Along with worrying about having a clean house, work and school are more things that only cause you to worry more. If you want the full vacation experience at home, take time off work, school, and other daily responsibilities you would have to leave behind if you were leaving the area. You can respond to emails and calls if you have to, but do not let work take over your life when you are supposed to be on "vacation." Turn off the computer and allow yourself to take a step away from working consistently.

This can also allow you to feel refreshed when you inevitably have to go back to your normal daily life, as you were able to have a quick break from it. You should also be able to quit worrying about time and let yourself completely relax. If you are caught up in your head, you will not be able to feel that luxurious vacation feeling.

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