22 June 2020

Choosing the Perfect Washing Machine Repair Technician

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A broken washing machine can lead to increased monthly costs as dry cleaning bills add up quickly.

Choosing the perfect washing machine repair technician may appear daunting at first, as countless types in all price points are readily available. However, this does not have to be a difficult process.

Highly professional and affordable washing machine technicians are available in all major North American cities.  Many offer other types of appliance repair as well.

Washing machine technicians are often available year round on weekdays and weekends, with extended business hours for emergencies.

Types of Washing Machines

Machine machines come in a variety of types.

  • Front Loading – Front loading washing machines are perfect for smaller areas, as a dryer can easily be stacked on top. In addition, front loading machines consume less water and energy than top loading machines.
  • Top Loading – Top loading washing machines most common and often less expensive to buy or repair. Their main benefit is ease of loading and unloading without having to crouch down.
  • Portable (Compact)– Portable washing machines can only do very small loads at a time. However, their small size makes them perfect for dorm rooms or small apartments. They are easily transported and often come with a handle.
  • Washer and Dryer Combo – Washer and dryer combos range from small and ultra-compact models to full size. Many of these combos are ventless, which means that they do not require an external venting connection to function. In addition, certain models are available with a variety of energy saving features, such as “delay start” and “sensor dry.”
  • Integrated – Integrated washing machines, which are often hidden behind cabinet doors, are space saving and aesthetically pleasing. The standard dimensions are approximately 825 x 595 x 540 mm (H x W x D) or approximately 32.5 x 23.5 x 21.3 in inches (H x W x D).

Other types of washing machines include heavy-duty washers and stackable units.

Washing Machine Problems 

Although durable, washing machines may inevitably begin experiencing problems over the years. Common issues include:

  • not turning on/no power
  • not draining 
  • leaking water
  • not finishing the cycle
  • making noise
  • starting to smell
  • not spinning
  • not dispensing detergent
  • shaking and moving
  • washer door is locked/will not lock
  • stuck on rinse/wash/spin
  • has communication errors
  • control panel not responding/broken
  • mould build up
  • lack of cold water
  • leaving soap in clothing

Often these problems are related to the motor, lid switch, lid plunger, timer knob, drain hose, fill hose, drain pump, water-inlet valve, door seal, switches and settings, belts, drive spindles, transmission mode levers, foreign objects, and incorrect detergent.

Cost of Washing Machine Repair

The cost of washing machine repair varies and depends on several factors. These include geographical location, with larger cities often more expensive than smaller towns, distance of location from technician, make and model of washing machine, faulty component, and type of problem. In particular, the rarer the type of broken part, the more expensive the repairs will be.

Average repair cost in the United States ranges from approximately$50 USD for minimal repairs to $350 USD. One’s bill can increase for $400 USD for complex problems, such as repairing the washing machine’s motor or transmission.

Basic top loading washing machines are often the least expensive to repair, while new high efficiency loader washing machines are most expensive. Certain brands of front loading machines also tend to leak more than others. In contrast, some brands of top loading washing machines have problems with spinning.

A machine with a motor that stops working can cost approximately $95 to $250 USD.

If the motor is running with no agitation, the cost can be approximately $95 to $145 USD, while water leaks and problems with drainage can be approximately $120 to $225 USD.

A washing machine that vibrates will cost approximately $65 to $185 USD.
In Canada, rates are similar. Costs range from $50 to approximately$350 CAD. These costs often include labour, diagnosis, and replacement parts.

Choosing a Washing Machine Repair Technician

Business review sites are a great way to start searching for the perfect machine repair technician. Examples include Yelp and the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which offer customers ratings of various technicians in all major North American cities.

Another way to find a great washing machine repair technician is to ask friends, coworkers, and neighbours for recommendations.

In addition, customers are encouraged to look at company websites and compare brands, types, and prices. Many of these website also offer customer testimonials as well.

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