19 June 2020

How to Create a Light and Bright Kitchen in Your Home

The kitchen is, for many families and households, the heart of the home. In many dwellings the kitchen doubles as a dining space. That means it's not only the area where you prepare life-sustaining meals, but it's also the area wherein you entertain, catch up with family, and break bread. Thus, it's important that you invest in your kitchen and make it a light, bright, friendly space for you and everyone else in your household to enjoy. If you want to know how to remodel your kitchen to make it light and bright, keep reading for some great tips.

Consult the professionals to lay out the basics of your kitchen.


If you really want to remodel your kitchen the right way, you should consult the advice of a professional in the kitchen design field. Looking up those who specialize in kitchen remodeling in Denver will help you find someone local who will be just as invested in your new kitchen as you are. A Denver kitchen remodeling team will not only bring professionalism in the world of kitchen design and interior design but they will also understand the unique needs of those who live in the Mile High City with regards to altitude. The kitchen remodeling team will also understand exactly how to design your kitchen in a way that suits you, so you know you won't just be choosing a one-size-fits-all sample kitchen off a showroom floor.

Choose finishes that will lighten up your kitchen space.

Even if you yourself are not an interior designer, you can work with your chosen contractors to select kitchen cabinets that are in a color that will lighten up your whole space, such as a light pine or birch, or even a wood treated with a white finish. The contractors will also walk you through choosing a countertop finish that will give your kitchen renovation a bright, sleek feel. Choose finishes that will reflect the natural daylight in your kitchen, or even consider adding a mirror or two to create even more of that reflection. You can even break up a dark wood floor with a brightly-colored kitchen island that doubles as additional prep space or an area for a small group to dine together.

Use natural light to your advantage.


Throughout your kitchen, taking advantage of your existing natural light will help make your kitchen into your dream kitchen. Sunlight is the kind of light that is actually incredibly important to your mental health and can help aid seasonal affective disorder. In addition to the health benefits, sunlight will make the entirety of your kitchen look larger and brighter, and thus, more welcoming for both you and your guests. Even if you only have one window, you can complement the natural light with mirrors and with sheer or no curtains that allow the maximum amount of light into your kitchen remodel project.

Make sure key areas are well-lit.

Sunlight and light, in general, is incredibly important in the kitchen, not only because it helps your kitchen appear lighter and larger, but also because it helps illuminate key areas in your kitchen for safety. If you have children or live with someone with a disability, this is especially important, as there are sharp knives, hot stoves, and dangerous kitchen appliances that can be harmful if not handled in daylight or under fluorescent lights. To aid this issue, make sure you install full spectrum lighting in your kitchen, paying special attention to install lamps under cabinetry where one may handle knives and above the stove where heat elements can rise to dangerously high temperatures.

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