23 January 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Shower Heads --Which Type is Right For You?

A shower head is a thing of daily use. It is probably one of the first things you use before you even start your day. The commonly heard term ' shower system' not only includes the shower head. But, it is a three-piece system including a valve, a head, and a faucet. The faucet is used to control the temperature and speed of showers.

Shower heads are of various types which are used by people according to their preferences and needs. Nowadays, they have become an important part of the bathroom. The various kinds of shower head extension are as follows-

Type 1: Hand- Held shower heads

These are considered best for body pain and massage of sore muscles. They are very easy to clean and very easy to install. They have a wide variety of spray settings. For best results, you must put the shower head at the place where you need treatment or massage.

These are best suitable for people who are eco-friendly and eco-conscious as they do not waste water and conserve energy. These are also considered best for handicapped people or those who have a problem with muscle movement due to injury or illness. These are also suitable for children and small babies.

Type 2: Fixed Shower Heads

As the name indicates, these shower heads are fixed permanently on the wall. These are mostly preferred by people. These are constructed in such a manner so that people can adjust them according to their height. This enables both tall and short people to use the same shower.

These shower heads come in single, double and triple handed. They are suitable for big families where a large number of people with varied heights live. A wide variety of spray options are available in this shower head.

Type 3: High-pressure shower heads

These shower heads can give you a better bath than any of their competitors available in the market. They give you a very enjoyable experience. These help to conserve water by quickly rinsing you off without using much water. These are made by combining various water patterns which can provide a wide range of benefits to your body.

These help you to get all the dirt out from your body due to the high water pressure. People usually go for these as they are economical and easy to install. These shower heads are best for people who want to enjoy a clean and peaceful shower.

Type 4: Rain shower heads

These shower heads are fixed on the wall and are very large. As the name indicates, they give you a rainwater experience. These have anti-clog nozzles which make them easy to clean. You can install them on your own. You do not require any plumber. These have a large number of spray settings.

They provide you with a drenching experience and have good water pressure and flow. They have a large shower face due to which they have a great flow of water and your whole body gets rinsed off. They can be adjusted according to your needs. These are usually suitable for people who would like to have rainwater experience and have large bathrooms.

Type 5: Low flow shower heads

These shower heads have low water flow and pressure and are used to conserve the water that may be wasted. These reduce the amount of flow of water and also save heat energy. These help to reduce the flow of water which in turn also helps to save the energy that may be wasted in heating the water.

These are suitable for those people who believe in the concept of water conservation. If you are concerned about the environment, this shower head is for you.

Type 6: LED shower heads

These shower heads have a special feature of temperature control. When the temperature of the water changes, the shower head displays different colors to indicate this change. When the temperature of the water is not ideal for taking a bath, then it will show a blue light whereas when the temperature is ideal for bathing, then the color changes to light green.

And when the temperature goes too high and is not ideal for bathing, then the color of the light turns red. This feature enables you to experience a comfortable bath. These are suitable for those individuals who have sensory difficulties so they can know the ideal temperature by seeing the color of the light.

Type 7: Dual shower heads

These have two shower systems together. Both shower systems differ in function and size like a fixed shower head and a handheld shower head. Both of the shower systems offer a wide range of spray settings individually and adds the benefits of both the system together, thus giving you a wonderful shower experience.

The water flowing in these shower heads can be controlled by a diverter valve. These are suitable for those individuals who have some disabilities.

Type 8: Handheld shower head with an on and off switch

These have a special feature of on and off switch. You can shut the water off when you are soaping and turn it on to rinse your body. You can just switch on and off making your work easier. They are made up of plastic and perform better at low temperatures.

These shower heads are suitable for pets, babies, disabled people, adults, etc. Moreover, because you are holding these in your hand, you can apply the water pressure on any part of the body as per your needs.

Type 9: Brushed Nickel Rain Shower Head with Handheld

These shower heads have the latest technology of providing the perfect water flow to prevent water wastage. These are available in various designs and the water flow can be controlled by adjusting the nozzles.

They have the best quality and performance. They can provide you with a rainwater experience and a massage with high pressure. With these, you can get a flexible and comfortable bath. They are suitable for most people due to their extraordinary features.


There is a wide range of options available for you among which you can select the shower head which is most suitable as per your need. Each kind has its special features and you can go for the one according to your preferences and needs.

Various kinds of showers are mentioned above along with the person who could find the best type for daily use. I hope that this article surely helped you clear your doubts and select the best shower head extension which suits you.

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