09 January 2020

Bathroom Design for Teens

Your teenagers probably spend more time in the bathroom than you do. So it’s not a bad idea to dedicate a bathroom just to them. But how do you transform a bathroom from a young kid’s to a teenager’s? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Go from a Shower Curtain to a Showersreen

There’s a fair chance you’ve still got your old shower curtain up from when your children used to play in the tub. However, they’re teenagers now. Get rid of the Winnie the Pooh and superhero shower curtains and put in something more mature. Consider a frameless showerscreen. Make sure it's easy to clean and durable. Consider a semi frameless showerscreen with color accents to give the bathroom a touch of personality. 

Install Natural Materials 

Replace linoleum with stone tile or wood paneling. Note that engineered wood will handle the moisture far better than traditional wood floors. Replace knit bathmats with wool rugs and other natural materials. This isn’t just a move toward more mature d├ęcor, but it follows the trend toward more natural materials.

Give them the Storage they Need 

Don’t yell at your kids for covering the bathroom counter with stuff. Install extra storage. This may require hanging storage baskets above the toilet or rearranging the shelves under the sink. Perhaps you could get rid of the stack of hand towels in the linen closet, so your kids have more space for their own beauty items. Note that if things always seem to be a mess, it may be because the trash bin is too small. Put a larger trash bin in the bathroom, and you may not find tissues or makeup pads on the floor as often. Since your kids are getting bigger, there’s a fair chance they’ll need a larger laundry hamper too.

Improve the Lighting 

Consider upgrading the lighting. Replace overhead lights with recessed lights and put in a makeup or shaving mirror. This will show your teenagers that you understand their needs. Extending the mirrors from the top of the sink to the ceiling will reflect more light in the limited space while making it easier for a growing teen to see what they’re doing no matter how tall they are.

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