31 January 2020

How to Shop for a Hard-Top Gazebo

Photo by Andreea Tache on Unsplash
Imagine stepping out of your spa to relax on your chaise in your backyard. All of the sudden, you realize that not only is it blisteringly hot, but it looks like there are rain clouds forming in the distance. What should you do? No worries, because you have a hard-top gazebo, which means you are protected from the heat and the rain. If you are looking for a hard-top gazebo, you will need to make sure that you get the best gazebo for your money. Unlike a temporary canopy, hard-top gazebos are meant to be a more permanent structure, so you need to make sure that the gazebo you choose is exactly what you want. How do you go about picking the best gazebo for your needs? Here are our tips for finding a good hard-top gazebo.


More than other types of structures meant for outdoor use, a hard-top gazebo needs to be durable. You want the frame to be rustproof, and you also want the roof of your gazebo to be rustproof as well. Many hard-top gazebos are made of galvanized steel that is powder coated to resist rusting. You also want to make sure that the materials used in your hard-top gazebo can withstand the elements. For example, if you live in an area that gets heavy snow, you need to make sure that the gazebo you are looking at is able to withstand snow cover. Some gazebos also come with poles in case of heavy snow.


Because your hard-top gazebo is a fairly permanent structure, you need to get a gazebo that suits your purpose. If you love to barbeque, you need to make sure that your gazebo has vents that will allow you to barbecue underneath it, because the smoke can vent out the top. If you are using the gazebo as a place to sit out and visit with friends on a summer evening, you may want to pick a gazebo with optional mosquito netting to guard against those pesky critters. You can also get an optional curtain for those backyard camping nights.

Take some time to think about what you want to use the gazebo for, so that when you go looking for your hard-top gazebo, you will know what to look for.


When you are looking for a hard-top gazebo, you want to get the best gazebo for your money. Take some time and look around at different hard-top gazebos and read the manufacturer’s warranties to make sure you get exactly the gazebo you want. Also, you may want to read the reviews of your top five gazebo picks, so that you can narrow your choices down. Once you have some idea what you want, go and look at each gazebo. It may be that you find one gazebo that you really like more than your other choices, you’re in luck--we wish all of life’s decisions were that simple. Good luck, and happy shopping!

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