13 December 2019

Newest kitchen and bath finish is toast-worthy

Appliances and kitchen and bath fixtures are evolving toward softer finishes, including the look of the moment – a champagne, or soft bronze, finish. A unique blend of silver, bronze and rose gold, this warm finish complements most design aesthetics, and is a welcome contrast to cooler finishes such as stainless steel and matte black.

Originally appearing in kitchens, the champagne finish has been growing in popularity for use in bathrooms where it can be seen on fixtures, shower drains and heated towel racks. The finish’s understated golden tones bring a sense of understated sophistication to spaces.   

Incorporating a heated towel rack in a soft champagne finish is a stylish and affordable way to elevate style and comfort in the bathroom. Used in Europe for decades to keep towels warm and fresh, heated towel racks use the same amount of electricity as just a few light bulbs. Amba Products offers a wide array of free-standing and mounted heated towel racks, all of which are made of corrosion-resistant, high-grade stainless steel – delivering elegance and long-lasting durability. 

Linear drains are another area of the bathroom where a champagne finish can create a style statement. Not only do these clean-lined drains create a seamless, contemporary look – they can be located almost anywhere within the shower, adding versatility. LUXE Linear Drains offers a full line of stainless steel linear drains and tile insert drains for residential settings, available in a variety of designs, finishes and sizes, including custom options.

For a bolder approach, consider adding a retro style refrigerator in champagne and making it the focal point of the kitchen. Elmira Stove Works offers its Northstar line of midcentury modern style appliances – including ranges, refrigerators, microwaves, wall ovens, range hoods and splash backs – in champagne as a custom color. Opting for smaller countertop appliances in champagne is another great way to incorporate the finish in the kitchen.

As more homeowners desire to differentiate their kitchens and bathrooms, adding elements in a champagne finish can create a look that is at once distinctive and subtle – setting these spaces beautifully apart.

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