02 December 2019

How Much the Kitchen Affects the Property Value?

The kitchen has come out as one of the most critical elements in highlighting the style and glam of your home. It is no surprise that spicing up your kitchen could improve the value of your property. For this reason, remodeling your kitchen will be one of the most prudent things to consider. Understanding the role of the kitchen in improving a home’s value is essential according to Sydney property valuations. We look at some of the most exquisite aspects that will ensure you are conversant with the role of the kitchen in all these.

ROI on a Kitchen Remodel

Studies state that a kitchen remodel is likely to give you over 60% returns on the cost of the task. Depending on the size of the job, you are likely to recoup between 60 and 80% of the value. Nothing could be more satisfactory. Often, the ROI will be determined by the time you want to sell your home and the prevailing general condition of the house. Often, it will have less impact on a home that is in deplorable status. However, it would help if you did not assume that improving or remodelling the kitchen will immediately boost the property’s value. It could take time besides various factors going into it.

A designed kitchen is more likely to improve the value of your home. More and more potential buyers will find it appealing to be in a kitchen that is both spacious and modernized. For as long as you aim at taking care of the kitchen in the best way possible, you are likely to enjoy it. Further, it could highlight a style that most potential buyers subscribe to, making it a desirable option for them.

One of the key elements to keep in mind is the role of the market in the aspect of remodeling kitchens. Often, for as long as the market stresses the value of the kitchen, there is a high chance of your kitchen being the centerpiece of any future transaction. Various demographics tend to appreciate the role of the kitchen more than others. Further, if the real estate market is weak, you will learn that a slight change in the kitchen could assure you of better returns down the road.

Nothing is as imperative as having top-notch appliances in your kitchen. You will note that credible kitchen devices will often ensure that the value of the property goes up. Given that they come at a cost, you will realize that recouping a higher return will not be a hassle. A touch of modernity is all you need to enjoy better value.

Cost of Kitchen Remodels

Often, kitchen remodels will cost about 150 to 250 US dollars per square foot. However, the total expenditure will depend on the space covered, the quality of materials, and the layout of the room. This way, an entire project will cost between 10000 and 25000 US dollars. From the amount that you spend, you will enjoy up to over 1% extra in return down the road.

A Sense of satisfaction and joy

Statistics show that more than often, a remodel will ensure that you get the sense of contentment that you so deserve. It allows you to enjoy not only a new environment but also experience comfort and enough space. While happiness is not measurable, it is something that you will always value. It will not only assure you of peace of mind but also guarantee you of enhanced delight.


Carrying out kitchen remodels from time to time will be of considerable significance to the future value of your home. Investing in modern and appealing features will be quite helpful in this pursuit.

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