02 December 2019

5 Appliances You Must Have in a New Home

Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting things as it symbolizes change and development in your life. You want to settle in pretty quickly and start enjoying your new environment.

Yet, if you are not well prepared for the functionality of your home, enjoying it will be the last thing you’ll be doing. It is vital to make sure when you move into your house, you have what you need to make your home functional before you make it equipped. I am talking about the basic things that will help you function 24/7.

Remember, because you are buying these appliances to help you function comfortably in your home doesn't mean that you make the decisions. Take your time in choosing what best works for you and your needs so that when it comes time to equipping your house, you won't have to buy an appliance twice.
Here is a helpful list of five appliances you must have in a new home to help with the settling.

Stove Cooker

After you've moved into a new house, you don't want to spend more money ordering food and eating out until you buy things for the home. Buy a cooker so that you can cut costs by making home-made food.

There are varieties of cookers that range from the number of burners to color and size the stove. The whole point of having a kitchen in your new home is to cook in it, and you can’t do that without one of these.

Decide on whether you'd like an electric or gas cooker or if you’d like to use coil burners or glass top burners.


After you've cooked your food and have leftovers, I'd like to think you a decent human being who doesn't throw leftover food out. Leftover food is one of the many reasons you need a refrigerator.

You’ll need to keep your groceries fresh for as long as you can unless you want to go grocery shopping every time you want to make some food. Like many appliances, refrigerators come in a variety of options, and finding one that meets your needs will not be a hard task.

Some of the choices you might need to make when choosing a good refrigerator, is whether you want it to come with a water dispenser, do you want detachable shelves that you can adjust? Or do you prefer one with an ice maker?

Whichever you prefer, have a fridge in your kitchen.

Washing Machine

Proper hygiene includes clean cloths. You can't spend your days and quarters at your local laundromat. Get a good washing machine for your new house so that you can do your laundry comfortably at home.

The first decision to make while purchasing a washing machine is whether you want a top load or a front load. Some people prefer to buy the washer and dryer set, which I would recommend to go with the front load for such a choice while some prefer to keep both of them side by side.

Water Purifier

Your only other option is to boil a lot of water for drinking, which will use a lot of energy and time. A water purifier is essential in your home as water plays a massive role in your health; thus, compromising the quality of water you drink could put you and your family at risk of illnesses.

Food Processor

This appliance is on the list because then it saves you money from buying processed or canned sauces. Some of our recipes might need you to use sauces, pastes, or purees. Making the pastes in the house makes it easier when cooking and also saves you some coin while also ensuring that they are healthier than the processed foods.

These home appliances are not only crucial in your new home that you are moving into, but also in your home that you are putting up for a listing. These five appliances in a listed home raise its property value as its one of the aspects of a house that property valuers in Melbourne must tick off their list to value your home.

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