05 May 2017

Top 5 Trends in Home Security

The continuing evolution of cloud-based and wireless technologies has paved the way for amazing advancements in home security. These new developments are providing home owners with more convenient ways to monitor, secure and control everything from surveillance cameras and alarms to door locks and outdoor lighting with the quick touch of a button.

Many of the home security trends we are seeing in 2017 are largely centered on home automation technology, which has become increasingly streamlined for a more user-friendly experience.
Today’s “smart home” inventions have raised the bar substantially, offering greater flexibility to safeguard and monitor your home from any location. On another positive note: security systems featuring automated technology are becoming more and more affordable, and some predict that in the next five years, more than 75 percent of American households will be automated in some way.

Here are five of the biggest trends to look out for in the coming year.

Video alarm verification
Many home security systems have closed circuit recording that allows you to watch real time footage, as well as past events by searching the video recording. One of the new trends in home surveillance is cameras that are equipped with video alarm verification, which sends a short, 30-second video clip to your phone or tablet when suspicious movement is detected. Using the Internet, you can instantly download the video as well as pictures taken from the suspicious event.

Cloud-based technology
Smart residential security systems are increasingly using cloud-based services for storing pictures, music, video and other data. Why? Cloud–based technology can more efficiently handle complex processing (with fewer software glitches), giving homeowners a user-friendly platform for monitoring their home or smart devices remotely through their smart phone. Cloud storage sends your continuous or event-based video to remote servers, and can be viewed on-demand.  We are also seeing security system touchpads being replaced with a gateway or hub controlled through the cloud.

Security integration
Any good security system offers components that work together seamlessly and can be controlled depending on user preference. For instance, you can program your front door to unlock if the smoke alarm is triggered, or have a camera start recording when motion is detected. Many of the new security systems are using cloud-to-cloud communication to integrate components with an assortment of other “smart” devices that use Wi Fi and are either cloud-based or operated to support Amazon’s Echo. This cloud to cloud integration may help prevent the frustration felt by many consumers who are forced to use several smart phone apps to control their home security and automation features.

Wireless cameras with 2-way communication
Voice control technology has ushered in a new wave of smart home innovations that allow you to secure your home and control appliances, doors and devices with a single verbal command. This year, homeowners were treated to wireless security cameras featuring two-way communication, which allows you to remotely talk through the camera with the touch of a button.  If motion is detected by the camera, your smartphone app sends you an alert allowing you to talk to – and potentially scare off -- a possible intruder. This may be an effective first line of defense against robberies and theft.

Smart home gadgets
Just 10 year ago, the notion of having an intelligent abode seemed like a scene straight from The Jetsons. Nowadays, you can create and customize a smart home with connected devices that help you cook dinner, wake up, turn off the lights and control temperature based on your specific needs. Or you can go for a smart home system that is fully automated.

Here are some of the coolest gadgets that can make your pad just a wee bit smarter:

  • The LG Instaview Refrigerator with Internet cameras lets you remotely view your fridge to see if you’re out of milk, order groceries and send messages to loved ones. This smart fridge runs Windows and WebOS and is compatible with Amazon Alexa. 
  • Find out if a burglar is trying to break into your home with Cognitive Systems’ Aura, which detects disruptions in household signals and Wi-Fi caused by a person’s body. The device sends you an immediate alert if something appears to be amiss. 
  • Plug any device or appliance into the WeMo Insight Switch and you’ve suddenly got an intelligent device that can be controlled via your smartphone.

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