16 May 2017

6 Quick and Creative Clutter Hacks to Help You Organize your Home

Let's face it, clutter is a natural companion to having kids.

No matter how much of a clean-freak you might be, it's practically impossible to make sure that everything stays organized 24/7, particularly when your home isn't as spacious as you'd like. If you want the feel of a brand new home like the ones offered by Vision One Homes, without actually re-designing your entire home, then keep reading to see how you can banish the majority of that everyday mess and create that clean, new-home feel.

Sometimes, all it takes to clear up the jumble of books and toys is a little creativity, and some DIY sessions with your miniature interior designers.

Here, we're going to take a look at just a few simple ways that you can upgrade your home storage solutions (without breaking the bank).

1. Use Rain Gutters to Catch Knowledge
Ever thought about using a couple of cheap rain gutters in your house? The answer is probably "no", but you might be surprised at how cute this hack actually looks! A rain gutter can make a perfect bookshelf for kids, so long as you file down any sharp edges.

You can get these nifty DIY items in a range of different colors to match your child's room d├ęcor, and once they're installed, you can ask your kid to help you organize all of his or her favorite books into the perfect little display. You should end up with something like this:


2. Banish Dangerous Cords with Toilet Paper Rolls
Okay, so toilet paper rolls might not seem like the most glamorous organization tool, but they can actually look pretty stylish if you get your kids to help you stick on some decoupage paper and extra embellishments.

To help make the prettiest cord organizers around, ask your kids to design their own for their bedroom, and you can craft the ones that you use downstairs. The result should look a little like this:


3. Organize Drawers with Cereal Boxes
Speaking of cheap and crafty ways to organize your home, how about using a few old cereal boxes to clear out the clutter in your drawers? All you need to do is save your used cereal boxes, cut them in half, and cover them with some colorful paper.

Then, you can slot your boxes into your drawers to help you divide up some crucial space between magazines, documents, and other bits and pieces.


4. Turn a Picture Frame into a Dry-Erase Board
Need something to help you remember the billions of mommy-tasks you have to do each day?
How about an incredibly fashionable dry-erase board, that you can make at home?

All you need to do is frame a scrap of pretty fabric or paper, and hang the resulting item in a high-traffic area. You can use a dry-erase marker to jot down any notes you need to remember, and it'll clean off perfectly.


5. Use Velcro to Organize Teddies
Make sure that dearest teddy is always on hand- but off the floor with a little bit of Velcro. All you need to do is attach one side of the strip to a wall or door in your kids' bedroom, and attach the other (softer) side to the back of the teddy.

Instant organization, and your kids can have their favorite animals watching over them while they snooze.


6. Use Magnetic Spice Pots!
Want to make sure you're always ready to craft the perfect after-school snack?

Stop worrying about where you're going to place all your pots of spice and flavor, and simply stick them on the fridge instead! If you can't get your hands on some magnetic containers, you can simply use light-weight plastic ones and glue a cheap magnet to the bottom.

These magnetic pots will attach easily to your fridge, keeping them out of the way when you're cooking.


These are just a few ideas to get you started.  Check out this article on organizing your laundry room for even more ideas on getting the most out of the space you have; or go to visiononehomes.com.au and visit their blog for even more information on setting up your home.

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