16 May 2017

Lighting Fixtures that Serve Best with These 3 Kitchen Styles

When you’re redesigning your kitchen, you want to make sure that it’s in a style that you will enjoy for at least the next half decade. If you redesign your kitchen only to dislike the backsplash, hardware, or light fixtures six months later, you will blow your budget and view the kitchen as a stressor, not as a place to prepare good food and sip espresso in the early mornings before you take off for the office.

If you’re in the process of deciding what to do with your kitchen but aren’t sure in which direction to head, read on about the three kitchen styles below!

The Traditional Kitchen
HGTV writes that the traditional kitchen is a mixture of French and English design. Mary Broerman, interior designer and owner of the MDB Design Group in Altadena, says that the “traditional kitchen design style is ‘warm and classic.’”

What is most powerful about the traditional kitchen is that it is a mixture of other designs, including colonial, rustic and country. Painting the cabinetry in warm colors and replacing the hardware with copper fixtures will make the kitchen feel warm and inviting. The kitchen will become a place for family and friends to congregate where everyone will dine on delicious breakfasts and talk over airy pastries.

But as you no doubt are already aware, a kitchen is not complete without appliances and light fixtures. For the traditional kitchen, going the steel appliance route would look out of place. Instead, opt for matte appliances in warm colors, like butterscotch yellow or eggshell. When it comes to the light fixtures, you will want focused pendant lighting that won’t distract from the theme of the kitchen but that will light it nicely. The Nora Lighting brand sold by Lumens retailers will complement the design of the kitchen and will light the main surfaces for a fully functional food prep and dining space.

The Old-World Kitchen
Old World design celebrates big, dark and ornate fixtures. Beautifully carved woods and leaded glass windows will bring your kitchen the old-world character it deserves. Marble countertops and richly designed tile backsplashes will make the space dynamic and provide the kitchen with a strong yet elegant look. Stainless steel appliance finishes work well in this space, combining old world aesthetics with new world functionality.

When it comes to the light fixtures, the bigger, the better. Consider hanging a chandelier or a large iron or dark wood hanging box light above the island or food prep station. For the flooring, use beautiful solid oak wood or cream-colored tile to provide a stark contrast between the cabinetry and flooring.

The Modern Kitchen
Perhaps the most popular of kitchen styles, the modern kitchen is all about clean, smooth surfaces, stainless steel appliances and a light feel punched with bright pops of color.

The kitchen should be light in color, this includes the cabinetry, countertops and in some instances, the flooring. However, the color of your flooring depends on how bright the kitchen is naturally. Does your kitchen have large windows that allow for lots of natural light, or is it positioned at the back of the house where it rarely sees the sunshine?

If it’s a naturally bright kitchen, think about laying down dark tiled flooring to provide a color contrast that will really bring vibrancy to the space.

To keep the space from feeling sterile, the DIY Network suggests installing under-cabinet lighting to help accentuate the wall space between the cabinetry and counter tops. Similar to the traditional and old style kitchen themes, use hanging lights that offer fully functional task lighting. Make sure the fixtures complement the space while also standing out; consider going with brightly colored fixtures in red, yellow or teal.

You use your kitchen every day. Whether it’s to heat up leftovers in the microwave or to make pasta from scratch, you occupy the space. Make the kitchen better part of your home by designing it to fit your tastes.

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