05 June 2012

Think about Silgranit

I've spent my whole professional life specifying stainless steel sinks but in the last few years something else has shown up on my radar.

Namely the Silgranit sink from Blanco.

Anybody who's had a stainless sink knows that having one involves ignoring scratches or buffing them out regularly. Who needs that added aggravation?

Silgranit gets rid of that hassle and gives you a stain and scratch resistant sink that you can also coordinate with your counters.

Silgranit sinks can be undermounted or dropped in and using one ensures a lifetime of trouble-free use. If you're in the market for a new kitchen sink, consider a Silgranit.


  1. I remember that Silgranit quite well from when we saw it in Toronto last year. That stuff is everything they said it was. The thing with demonstrations is that you never really know how aggressively the demonstrator is going at a strength test. I remember they used a regular silverware fork to show how tough their sinks were. They rubbed it back and forth, trying to scratch it, and couldn’t do it. When I got the chance, I grabbed that fork and really went to town with it on that sink! As a cabinetmaker (forever tightening and loosening clamps) I like to think I have a firmer grip than most. Man, that fork immediately started rubbing away on that sink. I was actually sharpening it, and not only sharpening it, but doing so quickly! I couldn’t believe it. When I finished, I had a black mark on the sink, but it rinsed right off with water.

  2. Joe: I've done the same thing on a couple of occasions and I've never been able to scratch one.

  3. The option of being able to have a color, and great colors, that are durable is what I love!

  4. I have always loved the black Silgranit sinks, the water is so quiet when it hits them. Combine that with a faucet with nice flow, and the water just about disappears in the sink without a sound, very cool.

  5. Thanks Eric, I owe you an e-mail!


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