19 June 2012

My carpet arrived!

Here it is in situ.

I wrote about this originally a couple of weeks ago. I'm thrilled with my Novica experience and if you're in the market for handmade goods from around the world, check out their site.

I was worried about ordering something as complicated as a carpet over the internet but this thing has exceeded every expectation I had. The colors are more subtle than I was anticipating and it works like a charm in my living room.

I came into this carpet with the help of a $200 credit from Novica, a website that allows craftspeople from the developing world to sell their wares to westerners directly. As you go through the ordering process from Novica, you get a glimpse into the life of the person who made whatever you order.

In my case, my carpet was made by a man in India named Kahlil Ahmed. Kahlil sent me a note along with his carpet and the money he made from the carpet I bought will go to feed his family and help him to keep working as a carpet weaver. Not only did I get an item to make my living room look better, I got a story and the opportunity to make someone's life better.

I ordered my carpet on 6 June and it shipped from India the following day. It arrived here on Saturday the 16th and the shipping charges were negligible when I think about how far this carpet came.

Novica provides a forum for direct interaction between westerners and the developing world and that's really cool. The carpet in my living room just made the world a smaller place. Thank you Kahlil for making my home a more welcoming place and thank you Novica for the opportunity to make the connection with Kahlil. I have a handmade living room carpet!

Novica is promoting a couple of products lines in particular now. Check out these links.

Women's shawls from Peru
Men's silver cufflinks from Indonesia
Leather belts
Women's accessories from Mexico
Men's clothing from Peru
Silver floral bracelets


  1. This is awesome Paul! I'm looking for a new area rug myself and was going to go with cheapo Flor tiles, until I read this. Thanks for always keeping me in the know =)

  2. Glad to help. The carpets on Novica's site are as affordable as they are beautiful. Poke around that site and you're sure to find something you love.

  3. Very nice! I've been a fan of Novica for a long time not only for myself but it makes a great gift (as you already know)

  4. What they do for the artisans they represent deserves a medal!

  5. Thanks Paul for the heads-up. Shall definitely check them out. Nice carpet BTW hope it wears well and you get a good number of years out of it.

  6. I'm thrilled with it Brenda. It's woven wool without a nap, so it will wear like iron.


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