06 June 2012

Sprayer faucets

Many people think they need a professional sprayer faucet, even if they don't cook. In most cases, the sprayer they think they need hangs slack after around six months of use.

Sure, they look good but really, how much value do they add when they're hanging in the middle of your sink?

Enter Blanco's Culina. The Culina combines a resilient faucet with a magnet and the result is amazing. Here's a video of me putting a Culina through its paces in Germany last year. In that video too you'll see my pals Susan Serra and Leslie Clagett. Those two women who have seen it all and aren't easily snowed by glossy PR. I think they'll back me in my endorsement of this faucet.


  1. So, now I have to ask, Paul. Is that Blanco’s version of an undermount sink for plastic laminate? Was it made of Silgranit? And if the answers to those two questions are yes, then the next question must surely be, when will they introduce these sinks to the USA?

  2. Actually Joe, that's a Blanco ceramic sink that's been undermounted in a laminate counter. The ceramic kitchen sinks are only available in Europe unfortunately.


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