05 November 2011

Will do social media campaigns for food (and reasonable fees)


Around a year-and-a-half ago, I started doing social media project work for a number of agencies and it's been a pretty wild ride. Because of my background in the kitchen and bath industry, many of the things I've worked on have involved that industry. Though I did branch out a bit into real estate and retail, I consider the K&B industry to be my home.

Recently, an opportunity that I thought I had in the bag has started to look like it's not going to materialize and it's time for me to get aggressive in my quest to scare up work and, oh yeah, to keep a roof over my head. I've been making the usual rounds of making phone calls and sending e-mails to colleagues and I was thinking of other ways to get my name out there yesterday when it hit me, my name's already over the place on and through this blog. This blog and my marketing it are how I learned what it takes to be an effective social marketer. Every talk I give on this topic (here, here, and here are three videos on the subject), begins and ends with Kitchen and Residential Design.

This blog has been my personal Giving Tree and now it's time to ask it for one more thing. And what I'm asking for are opportunities.

I am a capable, responsible social media professional with a proven record and a sterling reputation in the industry. And I'm looking for project work on either the brand side, with individual clients or with an agency. I can either consult and teach you how to master social media or I can conceive, write and execute campaigns for you. Whether it's providing web content or running a Twitter account, I can help you achieve your goals.

I can be reached at p.anater@gmail.com and please pass this article around to anyone who might be interested.




  1. The world is your oyster, Paul. You are an immense talent with soooo many good ideas and such sound judgment. I am already a bit envious of the company or companies that will snatch you up, and soon!

  2. Thanks Leah, I appreciate your vote of confidence!

  3. Now you've opened the flood gates. You do realize you'll need to clone yourself about a dozen times once the wise brands reach out to you!

    Your vast knowledge of the kitchen/bath industry combined with your social media talent is the vital component so many companies need to invest in to grow their businesses. And, once they have an opportunity to meet with you they'll realize they should have hired you years ago!

  4. From your mouth to God's ear Andie, thank you!

  5. What are my favorite foods? Hmmm. I have a thing for good bread, great cheese and cured sausages like soppressata. Why do you ask? But then again, I'd walk across broken glass in my bare feet for a good panang curry.

  6. But then again, I make one of the best pot roasts the world has ever seen. Pot roast and mashed potatoes. Yum. Now you have me thinking about food.


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