04 November 2011

A cool, interactive, appliance repair graphic

Dealing with a malfunctioning major appliance is always fraught with anxiety and headaches. Trying to troubleshoot the malfunction to see whether or not try to deal with it by yourself is beyond the skill set of most homeowner's, though the repairs themselves are not.

Part Select put together repair information about washing machines, refrigerators and ranges and put them in a very clever graphic that will tell you the general costs of parts and the relative ease of making the repair yourself. Something like this may save you some money but it will definitely save you some headaches. Just click on the graphic to launch it.

Source: PartSelect Appliance Parts


  1. Wow ... this is the most useful infographic I've seen in a while. Could you imagine something like this extending to the entire house ... and include labor costs as well?

    I might have to share this on d5R, Paul. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  2. I received that from a PR agency this week. Just grab the embed code and it does nearly all the work. It is a really terrific idea and it definitely warrants more applications.


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