15 November 2011

Production tile as art by Apavisa

As amazed as I was by the baths I saw at Cersaie this year, it is a tile show primarily. It's just ten times the size of any tile show I've ever seen.

For the last couple of years, tile innovations have centered on improvements in printing technologies and stone-like tile continues to look more and more like natural stone with each passing model year. Still growing is the segment dedicated to making plank-shaped tile that looks very much like wood.

I knew all of that before I ever boarded a plane for Bologna and I was hoping to see something new, and I mean new in the tile world. Well I found it, the key words coming out of Cersaie were texture and shape. Of all the manufacturers' shapes and textures I saw, the manufacturer who showed off their innovations best was Spain's Apavisa. So much so that they called their very large booth an art gallery. They weren't kidding.

Do to the fact that these tiles don't lay flat, they can only be used on walls. But imagine the possibilities presented with some of these shapes and twists on traditional wall tile.

Here are some highlights from their booth in Bologna. Bear with me, there are a ton of photos to share here.

Apavisa products are distributed worldwide and can be found just about anywhere Spanish tile is sold.

Can you see yourself using some of these textures in your own home? They're onto something here and keep an eye out for other manufacturers to start playing around with shapes.


  1. Love relief tiles as art! Great shapes from ModCraft & Clayhaus Ceramics in the US I could see being used in this way.

  2. Thanks Lee! It's not very often you see production tile that does adventurous stuff like this. I'll check out ModCraft and Clayhaus Ceramics. Are you coming to Coverings this year?


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