07 November 2009

Have you met Thos. Moser?

All this talk of tables and chairs this week has left me more or less obsessed with wooden furniture again. That's certainly not a bad thing. As proof, just take a look at this dining room.

Wow. That's the Pasadena dining table and the Pasadena series of chairs from Thos. Moser. Those chairs are downright lyrical, don't you think?

Here they are again, notice how well coordinated they are. They share essential themes but they are each distinctly beautiful.

Those chairs were named Best of Year by Interior Design Magazine last year, and they certainly deserved it.

The Pasadena series has a companion rocker too and it was just named a finalist for Best of Year for 2009. The magazine will name the overall winners in a ceremony at the Guggenheim in early December.

It's all beautiful and it's further proof that real craftsmanship still exists.

Thos. Moser was founded by Tom Moser in 1972. Moser was a tenured professor with a deep love of woodworking who decided to follow his passion full time. I swear, you can see Moser's love of his craft in his furniture. Look around Moser's website. The Pasadena's my favorite, bar none. What's yours?


  1. Wow -- I've never seen that before. Fantastic. It looks so alive that I expect the chair to pick up its feet and walk around the room!

  2. Hi Paul! These really do have a refined elegance! Thanks for sharing. -Brenda-

  3. Rachele, they do look animated or at least alive.

    Brenda, there you are! How are things?

  4. Love these - elegant with a touch of spooky

  5. There are two Moser showrooms in Manhattan, pop into one the next time you're in the city. Moser's furniture feels even better than it looks.

  6. I like the curvy and sort of futuristic lines of the Meridian table & chairs. I also like the Tivoli sofa and the New Century China bed.

    It's so refreshing to see unique, well-made furniture :-)

    The Given Campbell wallpaper is really cool!! Thanks for the link :-)


  7. Given Campbell's stuff is really distinctive. She's in my Twitter list and she's also a Facebook friend. She does a lot with monograms and other bold patterns. She's a pretty cool individual too!

  8. Things are good Paul. Thank you for asking.

    I was away doing a bit of travelling. (Taking advantage of our rising dollar.) -Brenda-

  9. Oooh! Did you go anywhere fun?


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