13 November 2009

Caesarstone has a new direction in Motivo

Caesarstone is my favorite quartz composite, bar none. They have the most interesting palette and the most adventurous selection of surface finishes. Unlike the rest of the quartz composite brands out there, Caesarstone speaks the language of design and architecture. They practically challenge us to find unique uses for their surfaces and their website and product galleries are a great source of inspiration. Caesarstone practically begs to be turned into furniture or wall sheathing or shower stalls or even floors. It's amazingly useful and versatile stuff.

A year or so ago, I started to see patterned surfaces made from Caesarstone and I wrote a post about it last October. My first exchange with Ann Porter from KitchAnnStyle came about as a result of these patterned surfaces. Back then, people were sandblasting Caesarstone to get the textures I was seeing and I was smitten completely.

Well, Caesarstone was paying attention because at KBIS last year, they previewed a new collection called Motivo, and Motivo has two available embossed finishes.

Unlike the sandblasing that had been done to completed slabs, these embossed patterns are produced by Caesarstone and are guaranteed for life. Kudos to Caesarstone for listening and wow are these new patterns beautiful or what?

For now there are two patterns in the Motivo collection. Knowing Caesarstone though, this is just the start of something. But in the meantime, imagine a shower in crocodile. Cool!


  1. I just saw these in person at a Caesarstone evening get-together last week; the slabs are even nicer in person, aren't they? What I liked was that the grooving is actually very shallow. Nice. :)

  2. I've not seen whole slabs of this yet and I am dying to. We're putting a new bathroom display int he showroom here and I am dying to put in a Crocodile shower!

  3. Oh, I thought you had. They're REALLY nice. (Bad Kelly.)

    I immediately thought of the crocodile on a fireplace or on the back wall of wall niches, but you know? I'm not a lace person and I think that could swing very well between contemporary and traditional.

  4. I agree on the lace thing. I'm going to refer to it as a jacquard pattern to get me over my lace hang ups. It's right on trend though. Especially if you look at a lot of the patterns that are showing up on Italian tile in particular. I can't wait to see where they go with this whole embossing thing though. It's pretty clear that they spent a lot of money developing it and I can't imagine they wouldn't take full advantage of it.

  5. that croc is awesome, not loving the other but hey, that's the great thing about design- someone else will love the lace and hate the croc.

  6. Three cheers for the Crocodile then. I love the idea of sheathing walls in it.

  7. Very, very, VERY cool!!!! I like them both, and I'd love to see other designs.


  8. LOVE Caesarstone! The Crocodile pattern is most appealing. As for the second pattern choice I interpret it more as a DAMASK rather than a lace. -Brenda-

  9. I'm with you Brenda, I don't get "lace" from that second pattern at all.


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