20 November 2009

Falling over myself at Fallingwater

The talented and gracious Pam Rodriguez from Pam Designs posted this video on her Facebook page yesterday and I think I've watched it five times since it first appeared there.

Fallingwater from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo.

Pam's a kitchen and bath designer who can crank out a photo realistic architectural rendering like nobody I've ever seen, so when she's impressed with someone else's work I pay attention. This depiction of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater is one of the best virtual walk throughs I've ever seen.

This Fallingwater animation is the handiwork of Cristóbal Vila. Geneva-born Vila is an artist based in Zaragosa in the Aragon region of Spain. Vila's Etérea Studios has an amazing website with a number of examples of his work as an animator. Check it out and thanks again Pam!


  1. Oh my! You really know how to make a girl blush! I have to admit that the Fallingwater video was a re-posting from Facebook originally posted by my good friends David Michael and Patricia Abood who are fellow users of Chief Architect software that I met on the Chieftalk users forum and are now my FB friends also. They are awesome 3D rendering artists and trainers who are very talented and generous sharing symbols and materials they've created as well as providing training videos. You'll want to check out their work as well: http://www.davidmichaeldesigns.com/index.htm and http://www.3d-diva.com/

    Another person who has comented on the FB post you saw was Bryce Engstrom http://www.engstromarchitecture.com/. He's another fellow "Chiefer" who has been instrumental in using Sketchup as a tool to create symbols and to facilitate rendering in alternate rendering engines while generously sharing his "how to's" with others.

  2. Thanks for the links Pam, I can't get enough of this stuff. 3D rendering fulfills a dream I had when I was a kid. I always wanted to draw my own moving cartoons but flip books were as good as it could get back in the dark ages. I continue to marvel at the amount of technology any of us has at our fingertips. It's all such a thrill!


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