17 June 2008

Meet the Plumen

Another one of the blogs I read is called the Sustainable Style Foundation. The Sustainable Style Foundation is an international, member-supported, non-profit organization that's dedicated to promoting sustainable design and sustainable lives. SSF combs the world looking for innovative and beautiful ideas and things that are helping to nudge a consumerist society toward a more sensible yet still fantastic direction. Check them out some time. Anyhow, their site featured a story about this beauty, the Plumen.

The Plumen is the brain child of a London-based design and manufacturing firm called Hulger. The design team at Hulger has re-thought the utilitarianism of the compact fluorescent light bulb and the result is the Plumen. So the concepts are done and the prototypes have been made, now all they need is a manufacturer. Anybody out there in the fluorescent bulb business?

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