12 June 2008

Great lights!

I found this light fixture from Mixco through my pals at Treehugger today, and it may just be the thing that re-engages me in my blog. Thanks Treehugger and thanks Mixco.

I've been having a hard time forging some kind of connection between what I do for a living and what I believe is the deeply flawed vision of my profession. I am bombarded daily with industry generated tripe about what's new and what's better and what's disposable and what's right now. Keeping an eye on design trends is important as a means to make better choices, but I can't escape the feeling that there is a growing sentiment that design is temporary and disposable. "Temporary" and "disposable" are bad words and I am actively trying to purge them from my working vocabulary. In my mind, architects, designers and builders need to be a forefront in the quest for sustainable materials and practices and it's up to us to show people what's good for them in ways that are appealing and fun.

To that end, this new pendant light from Mixco does everything I tell my clients: if you can't disguise something that you can't change, draw attention to it and have it be your idea in the first place.

The shape of a compact fluorescent light bulb has always bothered me and I've always tried to hide them. Well, thanks to Mixco I don't have to hide any longer. Hah!

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