07 December 2021

The Ultimate Guide To Decluttering Your Home

Is it becoming a difficult task for you to find an item, especially when you’re in a hurry? This is a tell-tale sign that you need to declutter your home. Think of decluttering as a stress- reliever for you, an excellent motivator as you take on this task. Decluttering frees up space in your home, preventing it from feeling cramped. As you pull the mess in your home, keep in mind to do away with any item that doesn’t reflect your current wants and needs. This article will help you to remove clutter from your house.

1. Create A Timeline

Having a timeline for your decluttering process will prevent you from spending too much time in one space. Depending on the size and the amount of clutter in the room, allocate a time frame for each area. Setting such goals helps you focus on the task at hand.

2. Set Up Sorting Boxes

When you declutter, remove all your possessions and sort each item one by one. Take this time to decide what to do about them. Prepare three large boxes and label them ‘daily’, ‘occasional’, and ‘no use’. As you remove items from their storage spots, place them in the boxes where they each belong. This will help you remove what you don’t need. Put back the items in the daily use box in your storage places. For those used occasionally, put them away for storage and label the contents of each box for when you need them. Depending on their condition, decide whether to donate, upcycle, or throw away items in the ‘don’t use’ box. Don’t worry about disposing of too many things. There are Same-Day Rubbish Removal services that could help you. Let your focus remain on the decluttering process.

3. Adopt The 80% Rule

The 80% rule states that no items should occupy more than 80% of the room’s space. This rule will help you decide on the number of things you should keep, especially in your bathroom and living room.

4. Declutter Room By Room

Removing clutter room by room will quicken the process and ensure you don’t forego any spaces. Start from the smallest room to the largest room; this will help you progress in your decluttering activity. Starting with a large room might take forever, making you give up along the way and not achieve the ultimate goal of decluttering your home. 

Here’s how to declutter the following spaces in your home:

  • Bathroom

Start by removing all the items in your drawers and storage spaces, including your shower. Sort your products and identify those already expired, including medications. Remove old, worn-out towels. Place each item in its respective sorting boxes. After sorting all the things, put back those you’ve placed in the daily use box and arrange them neatly. Put items of the same purpose together. Consider using hooks to add to your storage spaces.

  • Bedroom

Empty all your wardrobes, including your bedside table. Remove books and decorations placed on your bedside table. Get rid of the books that you’ve already read or diaries you've filled up. Sort out these items, including your clothes, and put them in their respective boxes. Consider sorting your clothes item by item. This means looking at all your trousers and identifying those you don’t need, going to your dresses next, to your shoes, until you sort each clothing item. Once done, hang back the items in your daily use box, and arrange the room. For the clothing items in the ‘don’t use’ box, upcycle those not worn out by creating rugs or making throw pillows out of them.  

Consider creating zones in your wardrobe for easy access to your clothes. Have an area for your t-shirts, another one for your trousers, jackets, and so on.

  • Living Room

Repeat the same process here. Provide extra storage space for your regularly used items, such as the remote and magazines, instead of having them strewn on your couch. Remove any electronic gadgets that you no longer use or don’t work.

  • Home Office

Empty all your drawers and sort the items into their boxes. Offices tend to have a lot of paperwork; your office is no exception. Sort out each paper, such as documents and receipts, in your office. Get rid of the paperwork you don’t need, and arrange those you need in a filing system.

  • Kitchen

Repeat the same procedure of emptying your storage space and sorting each item. Besides sorting your kitchen items based on their use, reduce the number of each kitchen utensil. It’s impractical to have ten knives in your kitchen cabinet. Decide how many you need and donate the rest.

5. Practice The One In, One Out Rule

This rule guides your shopping habits and helps you avoid cluttering your house again. The rule says that each item you purchase should replace an already existing one. If you buy a jacket, you have to let go of one of the jackets in your closet. This can be applied to all the spaces in your home.

6. Designate A Put Away Box

It’s close to impossible for you to declutter your home daily. Provide a large box where you’ll put the items cluttered around the house, such as toys and accumulated mail. Whenever you can, return the things to their designated areas and boxes.


Decluttering your home can be a fun activity. By following the guidelines given, you’ll manage to remove the clutter from your home quickly. You’ll also work to keep clutter from your home, keeping it clean and organized.

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