03 February 2021

Should You Choose A Specialist Or General Plumber For A Commercial Project?

The plumbing in a building is a system or a network of pipes, valves, fittings, tanks, and other fixtures that are used to supply water as well as remove waste from the building. It most times also includes the heating, cooling, and gas supply systems. Its purpose is to collect, convey, distribute and remove water or other fluids around and from a building.  

The type and size of the plumbing system in a building is dependent on the structure and size of the facility but most plumbing involves two main subsystems. These are the supply subsystem and the drainage-vent-waste subsystem.

Plumbing follows the principles of gravity, pressure, water level, and so on. It can be very complex to understand for the layman so it requires specialization. It is critical to sanitation and in the broader sense to public health. With the benefits of the supply of safe water and good sanitation comes the risk of cross-connections, contamination of water, scalding, or thermal shock. For this reason, getting the right professional plumber to work on a building is quite important. You can see this article for more on this.

Common issues that can be encountered with a plumbing system include leaks and drips, low pressure of water, a malfunctioning system, rust, smelly water, contamination, blockage, and many others. While some of this may be fixed without the help of a professional, it is advisable to call a plumber to fix it. If not done properly and with the right tools, the situation may be worsened.

A system that is professionally designed will have fewer issues. This coupled with using materials of high quality will ensure that your system encounters fewer problems. 

Types of Plumbers

When it comes to plumbers, there are different types as well as different specialties. The most common are residential and commercial plumbers. Some specialize in one of these two but most plumbers are often able to handle these two types of projects. There are also general contractors who work on any project which can be residential, commercial, public, or other spaces. They can also offer services such as gas fitting, installing HVAC systems, and so on. Some may only do installations while some do repairs and servicing.

Specialist plumbers are those who are experts at installing or repairing specific types of plumbing. Examples of these can be drainage and sanitary plumbers, gas fitters, water plumbing for fire protection systems and irrigation, roof plumbers, etc. You can check this link https://mayfairplumbing.com.au for more information.

Plumbing systems typically perform the same functions whether they be residential, commercial, or any other type. No matter the system, it should be able to deliver clean water and remove waste.

Commercial Plumbing

A commercial plumbing project involves working largely on commercial buildings or facilities that people tend to use quite often. These can include places such as offices, parks, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, malls, etc. it also includes any structure that requires large and industrial-grade pipes and outlets. Plumbing for high-rise residential buildings may also qualify as commercial because the system is designed in a way that accommodates several users at the same time. While the scope of work for a residential plumber is similar to that of a commercial one, it involves certain differences that are quite important.

Commercial plumbing has a large scope of work which requires the use of more pipes, faucets, toilets, showers, and heating systems. All these or most of it have to at some point be connected and need to be available 24 hours. They also must not fail. Considering a hotel with several floors for example and with hundreds of rooms.

The plumbing systems need to be top-notch and must be able to support a high level of usage from several people. Plumbers in this system must account for gravity as well as water pressure. They must ensure that no matter the floor level, the water pressure stays the same or come with a very negligible difference.

A key feature of commercial plumbing is its safety requirements. As it is for public use, this kind of system is subjected to higher levels of safety standards. Also, in a commercial system, the plumbing issues that might be encountered can vary greatly.

For example in a high-rise building, an issue on a particular floor can be a result of another issue on a totally different floor which can interestingly be the consequence of another issue. For this reason, commercial plumbers are often prepared to handle multiple issues during maintenance.

What Type of Plumber Should You Use For a Commercial Project?

As can be seen above plumbing is a very critical aspect of any building and not the least a commercial structure. If it is not properly done, it will result in a lot of issues for the owners of the structure. Maintenance will be difficult, costly, and time-consuming not to talk of the fact that you may not get a permanent solution to the issues. 

It is essential that you get the plumbing right from the start of the project. When the building is complete and in use, it is always more difficult to fix these issues. To this end, which type of plumber is best for a commercial project?

The type of plumber you use is neither here nor there. While a commercial plumber can serve as a specialist in handling commercial projects, oftentimes, most plumbers have the capacity to handle different kinds of plumbing projects.

What you should be more concerned about is if the plumber you are engaging can do the job. Are they experienced, licensed, insured and can they deliver what you desire whether they be a specialist or general plumber? You can find information in this guide on choosing a commercial plumber.


The plumbing system is critical to the survival of users of any building. It is also important for public health as a bad or poorly installed system is a recipe for issues and serious health disasters. This is why it is important to get it right from the start of building construction especially when it is a commercial structure. As long as the plumber has the requisite knowledge, licenses and can deliver a good job and follow city codes, you can choose them.

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