01 February 2021

Home Staging Tips and Tricks That Really Work

With the decision to put your house on the real estate market comes a lot of anxiety. While there are many reasons for emotional turmoil during the home sale process, many owners have a concern that the potential buyers won't find their property attractive enough. 

According to ISoldMyHouse.com, one of the best ways to make sure that doesn't happen is by making your residence look fantastic. Let's explore the tricks for staging your property for viewings that'll make people fall in love with it.

Points of Focus

Not every room counts the same towards a successful staging. Focus your time and energy in rooms that are most likely to influence buyer decisions, spending less on areas that don't make much of a difference. Pay the most attention to:

  • The living room
  • The kitchen 
  • The master bedroom
  • The bathrooms

Guest and children's bedrooms make much less of a difference. You can even leave them as is if they're in good condition.


Depersonalizing the Space

Remember the objective of a home staging while planning your tasks. You want to make your house look beautiful while disregarding preferences in favor of a more impersonal look. 

The idea is to help prospective buyers see the space as their own. So, your goal is to turn the property into a stylish, charming blank canvas

Remove Personal Possessions

You might feel that the portraits lining the stairs make your place feel more like home, but the buyer doesn't want to be reminded that the house belongs to you. So, put photos and memorabilia out of sight, keep clothes in closets, and clear the bathroom of personal items.


Space sells. Decluttering not only helps depersonalize but also makes your home seem more spacious. While you don't have to get rid of everything, remove: 

  • Non-seasonal clothes
  • Your small decor items
  • Papers, books, games
  • Cleaning supplies not for everyday use

Remember that buyers open your closets to check out the storage space. If the drawers are hard to close due to everything you keep inside, they'll see much less potential in the property as a whole. 

Clean Up

Spring cleaning has nothing on the amount of work you should put in making your house 100% pristine before the first viewing. You want everything to shine, from the corners to the baseboards and the ceiling. 

A tidy home suggests you took good care of it. Think about deep cleaning everything, and pay special attention to the tasks you usually neglect.


Open and Light

Another feature that attracts buyers is freshness. A deep clean should take care of any residue odors, but you should also take out the trash before a showing. Add an air freshener and put some plants here and there to promote a feeling of cleanliness and openness. 

Make It Bright

Dark rooms look small, sad, and uninviting. So, the first thing to do is brighten it up by letting in natural light sources. Opening the blinds makes the rooms appear more spacious, too!

Then, turn on all the lights, including those in the closet and the lamps. The home will seem more welcoming, and the buyers will see the lighting setting potential, creating ideas about how they'd arrange it once they buy the house.

Rearrange the Furniture

You might quite like your current arrangement, but try to look at it with a critical eye. Is there enough walkable space?

The idea of furniture rearrangement is to open the rooms, make them easier to navigate and help buyers imagine their pieces in place of yours. 

If there are extra chairs and tables around, especially damaged ones, remove them. When you're left with the basics, arrange the furniture with a minimalist and spacious aesthetic in mind. 


The Bottom Line

Finally, remember that home staging doesn't require a massive investment. As long as you make smart, strategic decisions, you'll boost the appeal without paying a penny. 

Consult with your agent if you're unsure which changes are necessary, and present your home in the best light. You'll sell in much less time and face fewer issues down the line, making these tasks worth the trouble.

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