23 July 2020

Modern Ways to Decorate Your Master Bedroom

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Bedrooms are undoubtedly the most personal space in every home. Even though not many guests will see your bedroom, it still deserves some attention. This is because it is a place to recharge, reflect your daily activities, and spend some time relaxing. As such, it makes sense featuring the right color palette, modern d├ęcor, and furnishing. That said, below are some tips for pulling off a modern, polished and aesthetic master bedroom.

Incorporate a Wall-To-Wall Pattern

While it might seem chaotic using wall patterns in abundance, a neutral-colored pattern is a recipe for a subtle and simple appearance. Since your master bedroom is where you relax after tedious daily activities, you should consider using a white palette. Soft whites are excellent in providing some bit of warmth and prevent the bedroom from having a stark appearance.

If white is not your preferred color of choice, consider other soothing shades with restful monochromatic tones. Keep the color theory in mind, which states that gentle shades of lavender, green, or blue are associated with a calm and serene feel. Jewel-toned themes, such as topaz, toasty browns, and pomegranate, can help set the moods of comfort and coziness.

Keep Your Master Bedroom Simple

A modern bedroom should be simple yet cozy in all aspects. Regardless of your decorating style of choice, ensure that your master bedroom doesn’t end up being overly sophisticated. Practically, you should have not less than three feet distance between the bed and walls for easy movement. If you have other furniture in the room, such as dressing tables and couch, leave a minimum of two feet distance. This will make it easy to walk from your closet to the bathroom and other areas.

Apart from the styling, you should furnish your master bedroom with the essentials only. Apart from a good mattress and bed, which are the essentials, have a bedside table, chair, and a dresser. Having other items in the bedroom adds up to clutter. That aside, you should keep your accessories to the minimum. Choose aesthetic looking artwork, which could be family photos, candles, and flowers.

Work on the Ceiling

If you aren’t aware, the ceiling is the fifth wall in any room. As such, ensure that you don’t see a blank surface every time you lie down. Add some soft color or pattern into your ceiling for better appearance. However, you should paint the ceiling with a color slightly lighter than that of your other walls. This will lower the ceiling visually and bring up a feeling of intimacy and comfort.

Another option is to use wallpaper or stencil on the ceiling. You can also add some architectural elements through moldings, beams, or decorative paint treatment. If you need additional luxury, using silver-leafed master bedroom ceilings or a canopy bed with hanging dressings brings forth some warmth and sensuality while adding some design, color, and texture to your bedroom.

Have Multiple Lighting Options

Another essential addition to your modern master bedroom look is lighting. For this, you can use various lighting options. You can use ambient lighting for your whole bedroom, accent lights for soft illumination along the walls, and small lamps to light focused lights for reading, working, and other activities. The best way to focus your reading light is to use bedside lamps with movable arms. All your lights should also be adjustable with dimmers.

Create Plenty of Storage

Storing things out of sight is another incredible and modern way of creating a serene feeling in your master bedroom. This will not only keep your room uncluttered but also make it calm and roomy. The best way to add storage in your bedroom is by installing a roomy bedside table with drawers that hide lotion, books, and other items within reach but are out of sight.

Other alternatives include a headboard with shelves and sliding panels for books and accessories, a storage bench or trunk at the foot of your bed, and shallow boxes under your bed for additional storage.

Have a Private Nook

Another modern approach to decorate your master bedroom is to give yourself a quiet place in your bedroom. You should have an intimate lounging or reading area equipped with a chair and footstool at the end or corner of the bedroom. You can also have a window seat under your bedroom window to enjoy natural lighting and the view while unwinding.

The Bottom Line

Your bedroom should provide a personal getaway space and sanctuary that relieves the pressure from your daily hassles. As such, it should bring out the best of your favorite colors, collection, and feelings. However, as you look forward to creating a cherished place, discipline yourself by keeping computers, cell phones, exercise machines, and television out of your bedroom. This will leave you ample space for sleeping, reading, and romance.

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