01 July 2020

How to Make Your Home More Secure for Your Family

You need to feel safe inside your home. Increase home security to ward off or deter anyone or anything from harming your family with a few practical ways.

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Your home has a chance of being targeted by criminals at any given moment wherever you live in the US. According to the FBI, a burglary happens once every 26 seconds, which accumulates to over 3,300 burglaries every day. And if burglars aren’t your cause for worry, there are also trespassers, people who simply destroy property for the thrill of it, and other types of criminals that could harm you and your family in the comfort of your home.

When you’re at home with your family, you don’t want to worry about these threats every moment. But you might not be able to relax, bond with your partner and binge-watch Disney princess movies in order with your daughters or sons when you’re thinking about your home security every waking moment. In this case, it’s best to follow at least one of these three ways to beef up your home security for some peace of mind.

Invest in Strong Door Locks

The first line of defense for nearly all houses are the locks on your doors. Your front door is the easiest point of entry, so intruders will first try to see how easy it is to break in through the front door. If you move into a home that was previously occupied, replace the locks as soon as possible. Not only is it a risk that they could still have a key to your home, but the door and window locks may be old and worn.

Your deadbolt should be your first line of defense when guarding your door, according to security professionals. Do not buy cheap or discounted deadbolts, and instead choose heavy-duty locks that will make it difficult for intruders to kick in. If your door has glass panels around it, do not use a single-cylinder deadbolt as burglars can easily break the glass and reach the deadbolt latch. Instead, use a double-cylinder deadbolt as it will require a key. If possible, use at least 3-inch screws to install the strike plates as it can make your door more difficult to kick down.

Use Motion-Sensing Outdoor Lights

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Whether you buy a home in Tucson or any city in Arizona, night time will always be a vulnerable time for your home. Plenty of intruders will try to use the cover of darkness to their advantage to scope your property, watch your movement, and break in. Your porch or backyard light can protect your doors. But your windows and the other outdoor parts of your home can be prone to intruders.

Motion-sensing outdoor lights offer a layer of security. Rather than having lights around your house open the entire night, motion sensor lights will only light up when something big enough (like a person) triggers the sensors. This can catch your attention or the attention of neighbors who may spot the intruder and contact authorities for you. 

Always Look Like There’s an Adult Home

Never give the appearance that no one’s home. Those looking to enter and take your property will use this to their advantage. You can do this in many ways: for starters, always park your car inside your garage as the presence (or absence) of your car on the street or driveway is a dead giveaway that someone’s home. Always leave at least one indoor light on and an outdoor light if no one will be present overnight. If possible, install smart tech in your home that can allow you to toggle the lights even from far away.

And no matter how responsible your younger children may be, never make it clear that they’re alone at home. Some children can be taught not to let strangers inside your home, but many children may not know what to do when intruders try the brute force method.

You may not need a high-end security system to protect your property and family. For most situations, an affordable and practical system works, giving you and your loved ones some peace of mind.

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