30 May 2019

Should You Finish Your Iowa Basement?


Iowa is full of beautiful homes. They ornament our countryside, decorate our towns and cities and hold a piece of our heartland. To you, your home is special: It's where you and your family are building memories. You know what you love about it and you know what you would change about it. When you weigh decisions about home improvement or renovations, though, it’s a time to think carefully.

Maybe you're considering finishing your Iowa basement, or are considering it and haven’t even thought of it until now. Below, we'll lay out the case for how you can add life (and property) value by finishing your basement here in Greater Des Moines.

Property values and home improvement

You've probably heard the classic case for home improvement: You get to enjoy a better house, sure, but it's also a long-term thing that's going to improve the value of your home!

Sometimes that's true, and sometimes it's not. When you redo a kitchen, for instance, you make a high-impact change that can really alter the value of your home — but as the years pass, appliances improve, and design tastes change, you may find that you have to renovate it all over again if you want to keep your home current and preserve its value.

Finishing a basement is an improvement that makes your home more appealing and more valuable. It's also a decision that will age well. Sure, you'll need to refinish basement hardwood or clean basement carpets, but finished basements have been in style for a long time and are likely to remain in style for a long time to come.

Choose your own adventure

A finished basement will bring a new dynamic home for you and your family, but how it does so is totally up to you.

Right now, your unfinished basement is a blank canvas. Will you put down hardwood and turn it into a basement bar? Will you blanket it in carpet and turn it into a playroom for the kids? Will it house a spare bedroom, an exercise room, or a “man cave?” It's all up to you to pick and choose the right contractors to make it a reality.

Finishing your basement is a prerequisite for all of these dream scenarios, but there’s no law saying that you have to stick with just one. Maybe you will finish your basement this year and turn it into your man cave. Then, move your recliner out in a few years to convert the same space into a kids’ playroom for your growing family. Whatever your plans are for your basement in the future, it’s likely that you’ll need it finished. You could do that now and enjoy the present as well.

Making the right decisions

If finishing your basement sounds like the way to go, you may be onto something. However, you do need to be smart about the entire planning process. Basements and foundations are vital parts of your home, and finishing a basement is not a task you want to do yourself or trust to an amateur, explain the experts in basement finishing in Des Moines. Finishing a basement properly takes skill, and it never hurts to have experts in your basement. They are better equipped than you are to spot potential problems with your foundation, plan waterproofing measures, and lending a hand with the manual labor.

Getting the job done right will save you money in the long run; as always with home improvement, paying the right contractors first makes a lot more financial sense than paying them to fix the job the first guys did. So invest wisely in your Iowa basement, and get the job done right!

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