07 May 2019

Bringing a Touch of Luxury to Bathrooms

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A recent survey from Lightstream reports that 37 percent of homeowners indicated they are planning to remodel their bathrooms in 2019, edging out kitchen remodels, which 31 percent of respondents said was a priority. Twenty-seven percent of those surveyed said personalization was their primary reason for investing in a renovation. In addition, according to the 2018 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, more than half of Baby Boomer homeowners are planning to renovate their bathrooms to support aging in place. These homeowners are looking for bathrooms with accessible features such as lower sinks and toilets, curbless (zero-entry) showers and handheld showerheads.

Beyond making bathrooms more customized and accessible, a growing number of homeowners are also opting to add luxe spa touches to their bathrooms. Following are some easy ways to create a bathroom space that hits the mark in all of these areas.

Elevate the shower. There is a move away from traditional bathrooms toward larger, more luxurious shower areas. Some may even include a freestanding tub, depending on available space and preference. In addition to desiring well-appointed materials and design elements that offer high performance features, homeowners expect their bathrooms and showers to reflect their personal style, whether that be “all decked out” or on the minimalist side. From natural stone shower surrounds to multiple showerheads to stainless steel linear drains, the focus is on creating a more enjoyable – and memorable – shower experience. Available in a range of styles and patterns, linear drains are particularly well-suited for curbless and step-in showers. And, their streamlined footprint has a cleaner appearance than typical center drains, which complements the trend toward more contemporary bathroom designs.

Add luxe accents. Even in cases where it’s not feasible to upgrade to a frameless or spa-sized shower, there are a number of creative ways to infuse a touch of luxury into the bathroom. Incorporating accessories such as an eye-catching mirror, statement lighting and heated towel racks can go a long way in achieving a more luxurious feel. Using a layered lighting approach that utilizes a mix of several types of lighting – for example, vanity lighting, accent lighting such as vertical fixtures or sconces, and natural light – can create a relaxing space for resting and recharging. Heated towel racks not only provide the tactile appeal of freshly warmed towels, but can also dry towels in between baths and showers, and double as a convenient way to dry lingerie and delicates. Larger models can help heat smaller bathrooms, especially beneficial in cooler climates.

Go beyond the surface. When designing or remodeling a bathroom, it’s also important to pay attention to surfaces such as flooring, walls and backsplashes. Adding natural stone, porcelain or ceramic tile can bring a sense of sophistication to bathrooms while also being simple to maintain. Lightweight natural stone veneer can be installed on vertical surfaces to create an organic look that delivers texture and dimensionality. Luxury tiles, such as those from the namesake of iconic carmaker Lamborghini, come in a range of interesting designs for a high-end, luxury feel. Glass-tiled or mosaic backsplashes are another popular way to enhance the look of a bathroom space, especially when paired with colored or metallic grout, which is becoming a desirable alternative to white and beige grout.

For many people, the bathroom has become a sanctuary. Adding even a few luxe elements can transform an ordinary bathroom space into an inviting retreat. Many of these upgrades are surprisingly affordable, making it easy for homeowners to let their inner-diva shine.

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