08 March 2017

Five Ways to Renovate Your Home on the Outside


At first sight, your home might seem perfectly fine. It’s not perfect, but it keeps you warm and has enough room for the family and all your prized possessions. However, when looking at nearby homes and how well-kept they are, do you feel as though yours pales in comparison? If so, there are a few things you could do to change all that, turning a pile into a palace.

A Lick of Paint

To cover up tired brickwork or walls stained heavily by residue from passing traffic, it’s worth getting out that paint roller and making your home look just like new. To do that, wash the walls using a pressure washer. Then, cover the windows and doors and apply a first coat (in dry weather) using a large, telescopic roller whilst stood on a sturdy ladder. Leave a few days to dry afterwards.

Resplendent Roofs

Your roof does a lot more than keep the rest of your property dry. From an aesthetic point of view, it makes it look complete. To keep it looking sharp, check that all the tiles are in place and that no unsightly moss or mildew has built up. If it has, look at retiling, going to a supplier such as Burton Roofing for what you need.

Sowing Seeds

If your garden looks a little plain or is covered in weeds, tidying it up is useful. It will take getting the lawnmower out and removing some of the weeds, either by hand or with chemicals. Next, you should consider planting a few flowers, but this can take a bit of work. The easiest ones to plant are perennials, which just require planting once and occasional watering.

Not-so Crazy Paving

The paths that lead to the doors, garage and back lawn should, ideally, be even, straight and capable of standing up to all kinds of weather. If, however, some slabs are cracked or worn out, replacement isn’t too much of a problem. After buying some new paving, you need to make sure the ground underneath is even and that there’s enough room for each slab.

Keep it Clean

Before you perform any of the above tasks to completely revamp your home’s exterior, you must get cleaning. Working with dirty walls and weed-infested soil will make it difficult going on impossible to do all of that. We have already mentioned how to deal with walls, but for windows, a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water will do the trick, making them appear as new!

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