30 March 2017

4 Tips for Attracting more Buyers to your Home


One of the most anxiety-inducing times in life is sure to be when you have a house for sale. You may be extremely stressed about getting it sold in the least amount of time while working to get the price you want for it. It can be extremely challenging to find the right buyer that is willing to pay the amount you’re asking for your property.

It’s ideal to know some tips that will allow you to have the most success with the least difficulty when it comes to getting your property sold. Being aware of tips that will allow you to attract more buyers to your home is certain to be helpful.

Tip #1: Hire a professional

The key to helping you get the results you want when you’re in the midst of this real estate process is to enlist the services of a real estate agent.  A Leduc Realtor can help you get a good buyer if you live in the Leduc area. A Realtor in your city can assist you in this too. This individual has the knowledge and expertise that can be extremely useful when it comes to finding the ideal person to buy your home. One of the most important things a service like Corona Del Mar real estate can do for you is list your property on the multiple listing service (MLS). Real estate agents have access to this website and having your home on there can increase the chances of finding the right buyer quickly. Additionally, helping you to set the right price to get your home sold faster and to assist with the final closing when it does sell are all things you agent can do for you.

Tip #2: Making minor improvements

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your home look instantly better. Doing some simple things can drastically improve the look of it and attract potentially multiple people that may be interested in making this purchase.

Listed below are some minor things you can do that may render big results:

  1. Look for areas that need touch up paint. Over time, the exterior of your property can really begin to show its age. This can be seen by paint peeling off that can decrease the appearance of your home. Be sure to look for these areas and make the necessary touchups.
  2. Add new d├ęcor items to make it more attractive. One thing you can do is to pick up some new pictures, rugs or pillows that instantly alter the drab appearance of any home. When you live there day after day, you may become accustomed to seeing the same things that truly need a change. A good place to start is in the kitchen area.

Tip #3: Encourage a bidding war

Of course, the amount of time you wish to get your home sold in will make a huge difference in the price you intend to list it at to start. If you’re in a huge rush to make this happen, you may want to start a bidding war.

This is much more likely to happen when the price is low enough to capture the interest of several buyers that wish to bid against each other. This method is certain to peak the amount of curiosity in your home and allow you to get it sold fast.

Tip #4: Don’t neglect curb appeal

It’s easy to put your focus on the inside of the home, but the first thing individuals will see when entering your property is your lawn. Be sure to put some time and effort into making it as inviting as possible.

You can hire an individual to mow the yard for a reasonable price if you’re too busy to do so. Studies show that the average cost for this service is $35-$40, but will depend on the size of your lawn and where you live.

The benefits of making your home as attractive as possible will include getting it sold in the shortest amount of time. This is exactly what most sellers want to accomplish and can be hard to do unless the right moves are made rather than the wrong ones. Be sure to use the tips listed above to get optimal results when it comes to finding the right buyer and closing on your home quickly!

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