14 July 2012

It must be sink week: check out the new Cerana from Blanco

The Cerana from Blanco is their first ceramic sink to be introduced in North America and leave it up to Blanco to come up with something truly innovative to mark this new category's debut.

While the sink may be new on this side of the Atlantic, the material it's made from is not. Fireclay's been around for hundreds of years for very good reason. It's extremely durable and holds up well to everyday wear. Where the innovation comes in is that this apron-front sink is reversible. Yes, reversible.

Both sides of this sink are finished and the drain's in the absolute center. One side has the rounded lines of a traditional apron-front and the opposite side has a more linear, modern appearance. When it comes time to do the installation, pick a side and just go for it.

Modern installation

Traditional installation

It's a terrific idea and this video explains the concept and execution really well.

Good job Blanco! To see the Cerana and the rest of Blanco's collections, poke around on their website.


  1. Just my kind of sink. Indestructible! (I am very hard on them.) -Brenda-

  2. Go for it Brenda, you'd have a hard time harming one of those things.

  3. I love it!!! I just love my Farm Sink. and yes, I got mine from 'across the pond'. It's a Shaw's Original Fire Clay. Had to build an extra sturdy base cabinet with double 3/4" ply to support it. But, with my goose neck surface mount brushed nickel faucet, I got exactly what I always wanted, 17" of clearance to wash my pasta sauce pot. :)

    Best wishes 2 U,

    Tim P Jones


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