17 July 2012

Happy anniversary Thos. Moser

Thos. Moser is celebrating their 40th anniversary as fine furniture makers and when I say fine I mean it.

To celebrate, Moser's offering 21 desirable pieces from their collection at discounts of 10 to 20%. You can see the available pieces by following this link to Thos. Moser's website. When you're ready to buy some new dining chairs, a rocker, a bench, some stools or a table, enter the promo code JUL12 to get the discount.

But hurry, there are only five days left. This promotion will end on July 22.

Any time I hear someone whining about how nobody builds furniture with any kind of craftsmanship anymore, I point them to Thos. Moser's website to disprove that uninformed opinion. Moser makes exquisite wooden furniture and even if you're not buying anything right now, perusing their website will renew your faith in US furniture makers.


  1. Actually, Paul, there are a LOT of people making custom furniture these days. I sometimes write about them on our blog site. I have also written about Thomas Moser because he is truly one of the more successful in this field. But people who make the effort can surely find a local furniture maker working out of his garage who makes absolutely stunning creations.

  2. Nice to hear that 'craftsmanship' in the the true sense of the word, is still alive. -Brenda-

  3. Some lovely looking pieces there, I like their work. Worth taking a closer look I think.

  4. Artisanship is alive and well at Moser and they're definitely worth a closer look.


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