21 May 2012

Cleaning hint

I've been on a cleaning jag lately. If it's not moving, I'm wiping or Swiffering it. However, I've always run into a dead end when it comes to dusty lampshades.

I was cleaning my laptop the other day with a trusty can of canned air when inspiration hit.

Canned air cleans lampshades better than anything I've ever found. Try it yourself and you'll see what I mean.


  1. Great! Give an OCD like me one more thing to do :-)


  2. The last time I cleaned them was at the suggestion of a reader and she had me placing them in a plastic bag, adding about a cup of salt and then shaking them. It worked but it was a pain. Canned air is a miracle and it does a great job!

  3. Brandon Bergman21 May, 2012 13:28

    The only problem I face when it comes to canned air is that a bitterant is usually added to discourage me from inhaling the contents. Now, if flavors were added, for instance, BBQ or fruit punch, I would be more inclined to purchase canned air to begin with.

  4. I'll suggest that to the manufacturers... In the meantime, I sense that you've been watching "Intervention" re-runs.

  5. Great tip about the canned air and the lampshades! The only problem is ours haven't been cleaned in ages. I'll get my hazmat suit on and give it a whirl..


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