24 May 2012

Blanco and Bosch

My involvement with Blanco has taken me all over the world and now they're taking me to Costa Mesa, California to see their new showroom. Blanco has teamed with Bosch appliances to create the kitchen showroom to end all showrooms.

Blanco makes incredible sinks and that I know all of the people on the US side of their business makes me endorse their products all the more strongly.

You cannot go wrong with Blanco.


  1. Have a glass of blanco while you're there! - it'll help quell the sink-ing feelings...

  2. I have a Blanco range-hood, and a Bosch stovetop and dishwasher, all bought last year. Our equivalent of Consumer Reports recommended all of the models I chose. They're well-designed: easy to use and easy to clean, and completely without ostentation. I love them.

    Looking forward to seeing that showroom!

  3. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

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