14 December 2011

Scandinavian Made, a webshop

I think I'm in love with this bowl.

Ceramicist Simon Koefoed made only one and it's available through a new webshop called Scandinavian Made.

Scandinavian Made is the brainchild of my brilliant friend Susan Serra and her daughter Kelly Serra Donovan. The Serra women's roots run deep in Denmark and Susan's long made it a habit to bring back handmade items she found on her annual trips to Denmark for her design clients.

With the recent launch of Scandinavian Made, anybody can benefit from Susan's discerning eye and love of her ancestral homeland. Here are some highlights I just pulled from her site.

There's a definite eye at work here and the whole site is a testament to her good taste and willingness to share the one-of-kind, hand crafted vases, bowls, servicewear, wall hangings and more that she finds on her travels.

Susan's one of the most generous and talented women I know and it's a pleasure to help introduce Scandinavian Made to the world. Give Scandinavian Made a look and tell Susan I sent you.


  1. Oh wow, everything in the shop is beautiful! I'd love to have one of each! I'm seriously considering one of the vases - it would be the perfect addition to my family room. Thanks for letting us know about Scandinavian Made, Paul :-)

  2. Susan's definitely one with a good eye. I agree with you Kelly, it's beautiful stuff!

  3. Thank you very much for this lovely post and mention of our new webshop (probably two words, but I like it as one!)

    This is a labor of love for sure, and truly, something I've wanted to do for many years. To do it with my daughter, Kelly, for us both to curate creative works separately and together for the shop, well, it's a dream come true. Inspiring, fun and creative all wrapped together. Thank you again.

  4. My son is a Danish ceramicist and I have an entire garage full of his pottery from his BFA show. After seeing these prices, I'm beginning to rethink my "quiet disposal" program :-)

  5. I love Scandinavian design with its simplicity. Thanks for the link to this wonderful shop. I really liked the round vase on the last photo, a very unusual ornament


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