01 October 2011

No baloney, Bologna is heaven

I'm still reeling over the sights, the sounds and that tastes I experienced in Bologna two weeks ago. Endless thanks go to Ceramic Tiles of Italy, the Italian Trade Commission and Novita Public Relations for making my trip possible. Here are some highlights of Bologna and the immediate area surrounding it in Emilia-Romagna. For a city that never appeared on my radar before, I cannot wait to go back. Everything about it is magical.

Italy is an enchanting place. For all of its problems, nowhere else on earth manages to combine the ancient and the modern so seamlessly and nowhere else on earth knows how to concentrate on what's really important the way Italy does. Who cares what the IMF thinks, there's great gelato around the corner and the crimini mushrooms are in season. No other place I've ever been wallows in family, friendship and hospitality with the passion Italy does.

The world needs places like Italy as a reminder that having constant internet access and 400 TV channels doesn't really mean a whole lot. What matters is your family, your friends and your neighbors. Thanks for the reminder Bologna.


  1. I live near Bologna but did not make it to the fiera.Truly enjoyed your post!.Emilia Romagna is not as famous as Tuscany but has many treasures for the visitor to get inspired by.

  2. Are you in Ravenna? Are you going to meet up with Nancie and Julie on their Mosaic Masterpieces tour?

  3. Following along with your travels Paul. Thanks for sharing the lovely sights with us.

  4. Thanks Jeremy, get thee to Italy!


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