26 October 2011

Bath trends, a Bathroom Blogfest post

Every year at this time, bloggers from all over the world weigh in on the topic of baths. The Bathroom Blogfest has been going on for six years and the topic for 2011 is "Climbing Out." Not in the sense of climbing out of the commode but in the sense of climbing out of recession.

I've been fortunate to spend a fair amount of time abroad this year and in walking around a bath trade show in Europe, one would be hard-pressed to notice that there's a global recession on. While in the US, people seem thrilled to wallow in the economic doldrums, in Europe people can't shed them fast enough.

The key word over there right now is color and I hope with everything I have that the economic optimism I've seen in Europe this year extends across the Atlantic, and soon. While economic conditions in the EU are bad, they are addressing them. Unlike here in the US where everybody seems to want to point fingers and whine about the price of groceries.

As bad as things are in the US, I'm convinced that the first Economics teacher I ever had was right, recessions are psychological. So while the US languishes in shades of gray, the EU loves color. Here are some shots I took of Cersaie, the tile and bath show I went to in Bologna a few weeks ago.

See all that color? Good to moderate times are coming, I believe that with every fiber of my being. So long as the Tea Party implodes that is. Sorry to get political. Kind of. Anyhow, here are some examples of the bright colors I've seen in the EU.

Between the amazing colors and shapes on display in Bologna this year, I'm beginning to think that there is a way out. Endless thanks to Tiles of Italy for getting me to Bologna and for letting this blogger know that there's a thread or two of hope out there.

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  1. I am loving the blue bathtub. I hope people do break out the recession funk and start enjoying their homes again.

  2. On what is a dreary day in Boston - I needed to see these pops of color. Thanks Paul!

  3. Yes, totally agree Ann! Design is sold through passion and excitement by creating - forgive the word - LUST for something new and exhilarating in one's life and not by arguing profitability and bottom lines. Great selection of juicy colors Paul!

  4. Color commentary is just perfect for Bathroom Blogfest. Let's climb out of boring.

  5. Pretty interesting stuff. would love to be able to go one of those at some point. Wonder when there will be something like that in california. www.tiledaily.com

  6. Ahh...I am inspired! Now, off to find a client to inspire.

  7. Paul, hurray for glorious color, unexpected shapes and definite optimism! We can't help but climb out.

    Thanks for being part of the Bathroom Blogfest fun and adding so much inspiration...


  8. OMG. I didn't know there WERE red bathtubs. I have a 60's pink one but that doesn't quite compare.... I love the pink polka dot wall paper. I may be inspired here.

  9. "So while the US languishes in shades of gray, the EU loves color."

    Hmm, wonder what that says about the current Restoration Hardware catalog?

    As I looked through it for the first time, I kept waiting for the part where they get to Oz and the movie changes to color...

    I actually love those pedestal lavs that look like pop art:)


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