03 July 2011

Another YouTube (and Vimeo) kind of Sunday

As I poke around the internet, I'm forever finding cool videos. Here are some highlights I've had bookmarked for a while.

First up are giant bubbles filmed in slo-mo on frigid Stinson Beach. This thing's mesmerizing.

Next up is an ad for an LG vacuum from the UK. Spectacular effects.

Next it's off to India for some of the most spectacular feats of athleticism I've ever seen. Pole gymnastics, who knew?

Then it's off to Prague for the 600 year celebration of their observation tower. This effect is light and video projected onto the facade of the tower and it tells the story of 600 years of not only the tower, but of the Czech people. Fantastic stuff. This is a very tall video and you may have to scroll up and down to follow the action.

The 600 Years from the macula on Vimeo.

And finally, we're off to London for the New Year's 2011 fireworks display. It's the wrong country and the wrong holiday but hey, fireworks are fireworks and this this display beats the pants off of anything I've ever seen. Note to self: Be in London for New Year's 2012.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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  1. Looking at the beach bubble video, I think that may not be slowed down. I'm watching the kids. I've played with giant bubbles and they do seem to move in slow motion. I learned to blow bubbles with my bare hands, and pick up the bubbles after I'd blown them as well. There's a well-known blue dish soap, and if you add just a bit of glycerin they will let you play with them. Look for a bare-hands soap bubble video. I'm trying to remember if we diluted the dish soap. It's been over a decade. Thanks for the memories!


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